Monday, November 28, 2005

Breakfast: 11/28/2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. Wal-Mart And The War Against The Poor

    Do a Google search for "anti Walmart" and you get your choice of about 6,880,000 links. The search term "walmart hurts america" returns 537,000 results. Clearly, there are plenty of folks out there who don't like Wal-Mart. It hurts small business,...

  2. Guard the Borders: What Is “Practical” Interior Enforcement, Anyway?

    If there were no incentives to living in the U.S. as an illegal alien, we would not have an illegal alien problem. How we realize that non-incentive state, while perhaps difficult, should not be merely an issue of “practicality.”


  3. Fireside Chats

    Senator John Warner (R-VA) has suggested that President Bush use something similar to FDR's Fireside Chats to inform the public about the war in Iraq. AP.
    The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Sunday suggested that President Bush us...

  4. The Christian Carnival (#97, parts 1 & 2) is up and running at Thought Renewal. Take a walk down the midway and enjoy the various attractions. Please comment at the blog so I know you made it safely! :-)

  5. The Quiet Warriors of the Culture War

    This season is being overshadowed by the "War on Christmas", for to the modern secularist barbarians, nothing is sacred. Many Christian Conservatives are concerned about the assault on marriage, as well as the President's low approval rating, and th...

  6. Ramsey Clark Defending Hussein

    Former US attorney general Ramsey Clark, an outspoken critic of the trial, was seated alongside the defence team.
    Mr Clark, 77, who flew in from the Jordanian capital Amman on Sunday, said he wanted to protect Saddam Hussein’s rights.

  7. The Knucklehead of the Day award

    Goes to Florida's Department of Children and Family Services.

  8. Monday

    Monday already. Time to get gathered up and go back to work. Even though I’m not planning to go out today, I have to go rescue my truck from the Freightliner shop and get it ready to go back out for a month until Christmas. I also have a doctor...

  9. Refuting Gutierrez (Part One): Family Values

    Now it's time to focus on my own representative in the House of Representatives, Luis Gutierrez, who spoke at the event. I have so much to say that I'm going to have to break it into segments. Today I'm going to look at this Gutierrez quote from the...

  10. Basil you missed my link again. I'm beginning to think you don't like me. here is the link

  11. Dr. Phat Tony:
    Darn it! I missed two today, but only caught one of them. And, again, it was you. I need to find out what's happening with me. Old age, I think.

    Thanks. You can leave a TrackBack. Those show up on the front page. Really, it's okay. Doesn't hurt a bit.

    A pleasure.


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