Sunday, November 13, 2005

Brunch: 11/13/2005

Try one of these specials with your brunch:


  1. Let Them Eat Chocolate

    CAKE! This is an amazing video showing the manufacture of chocolate, from its very beginnings in history. It was made by the Chocolate Manufacturers Association and is hosted at the Manufacturers Blog under their "Cool Stuff Being Made". This is g...

  2. The blogging blues open trackback festival

    I been finding it hard to blog since Hurricane Wilma struck Florida. Even when I've had internet access I've not been in the mood mentally to blog.

    So try to cheer me up by linking to this post and then trackback to me. If you want an example of h...

  3. Sunday Open Trackback And Link Fest

    Do you have something to say, or have an Open Trackback you want people to visit?

  4. Forgotten France

    The American media has gone back to ignoring the story, but the riots in France have continued nonetheless.

  5. Dark Sky Movie Reviews

    "Knightley is a lippy, tantalizing ball of fire."
    ~Rolling Stone (review) "Join Dark Sky for the highlight film of the week."

  6. (J-)Blogosphere: Help!

    As I was discussing with the editor what the blogosphere was, I realized: What better way to discuss the blogosphere than to allow the blogosphere to contribute to the article? After all - the biggest strengths of the blogosphere are its abilities to...

  7. Coward Dean

    Drudge posted it before it was even broadcast! Howard Dean, M.D., ducked out of a joint appearance with Ken Mehlman, the erudite chief of the Republican Party.
    Drudge left off the question Mehlman wanted to ask Dr. Dean: When are you gonna speak out...

  8. Good Vibes

    I'm not much into rap, but it good to see that the 2005 Vibe awards went off without a hitch. Of course they had armed security all over the place and metal detectors at the entrance. You know things are bad when an event attended by some of the most...

  9. Al-Qaeda calls Queen an 'enemy of Islam'

    LONDON (The Times) - Al-Qaeda has threatened the Queen by naming her as "one of the severest enemies of Islam" in a video message to justify the July bombings in London.
    The warning has been passed by MI5 to the Queen's protection team after it...

  10. The Jordan Err

    Austin Bay pointed out that the appearance of the woman failed-bomber on Jordanian television is a victory:

  11. Carter Lectures

    A rant from Jimmy Carter...

  12. Hey Basil, just wanted to let you know that I haven't died

  13. Hey! We wondered what had happened to you!

    And congratulations on making Eagle!

  14. Anti-Christian Rampage by 2,000 Muslims

    Via WND we learn the latest from the religion of peace.
    They came in buses to the small village of Sangla Hill in the Nankana district of Punjab in India.
    Some 2,000 organized Muslims first vandalized three churches, a nuns’ convent, two Cat...

  15. A True American Hero

    As this Veteran?s Day weekend draws to a close I wanted to post this column about Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta. Although his story has been by and large ignored by the MSM many of those that frequent the blogs have read the story of this brave American...

  16. Ad Hominem Tu Quoque

    I received the following comment from someone named "Steve" on my most recent article about the Paris riots. "By our standards, certain aspects of the decree-- (clip) -- would be considered a police state,"HA HA ... you forget how much...

  17. French Riot Photos the MSM Does Not Want You to See

    A jihadi prepares for his now nightly clash.
    Later seen here on the outskirts of Paris, ready to skirmish with the authorities.
    The leader of the French Frappe, known to intelligence officials as 'Maximus.'

  18. Scares About Global Warming

    Gore apparently is proclaiming the "danger" of global warming (how many times so far?).

  19. Sunday bed time snack

    Just sendin' out some linky love on a boring Sunday.

  20. Good antenna Basil! Could be comedy post of the day!

  21. Spend Less, No Spend More

    And I am supposed to denounce the bridge to "nowhere"?

  22. Blanco Blanks Out

    Kathleen Blanco (d) Governor of Louisiana is one of Time Magazine's worst governors. The fallout from Blanco's handling of Hurricane Katrina is the main reason for her poor rating. Blanco(center)Worst Governor From KTBS TV : The fallout from Hurrica...


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