Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Covered Dish Supper: 11/8/2005

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  1. Iraq v3.11

    Remember Iraq? Yea, it is that place about the size of California and more insurgents than Paris. So how are things going there?

  2. Middle of the Week Open Trackbacks

    First a few notes:
    Join The Anti-PC Leauge!
    Vote for me as the Jack of Clubs of the Blogosphere
    Here is how it works. Edit a post to include a link to this post, and send a trackback. No link to this post, and the trackback will be deleted.
    If yo...

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  4. French Riots Continue Part Deux

    If France were a normal western nation, the riots would not have went past one week, at the most. Any normal nation would have called in the national guard/military to get this under control, regardless of how it looked. A government's first mission...

  5. Open Trackback Post

    Since I'll be getting a late start tomorrow, I figured I'd do an open trackback post.

    Bloggers, feel free to do a trackback with your favorite posts (you can submit more than one). Readers, if you want to comment on something, feel free to do s...

  6. Saddam Lawyers Say Trial Unfair Without Different Client

    Earlier this morning, a group of attorneys representing Saddam Hussein and his co- defendants formally requested that the Iraqi Supreme Court issue them a different set of clients, in an effort to ensure what the team calls "at least a fighting chance...

  7. MSM+Paris Riots: Ass Backwards As Usual

    MSM: asking the wrong question as usual


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