Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Breakfast: 11/23/2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. Open Trackback Parties, TTLB, and Orwell

    So, is it true that this lil' ol' blog's new-found megaphone (well, OK, shouting with cupped hands round the mouth) vis a vis inline trackbacks and open posts will soon be slienced by NZ Bear? Don Surber has the scoop. Basically, it seems that the ...

  2. The Torches, Pitchforks, and Roasted Bear Open tra

    Rules are simple, you link your post to me, send a trackback. I'll update this post with your URLS. Help boost TFM to the top of the blogosphere so when I become a higher being I'll rule the Blogosphere. Take that NZ Bear!

  3. Eli & The Bear Wrestle

    Eli - is this blogs mascot and in round 1 he wrestled with The Bear from The Truth Laid Bear ecosystem. He did pretty well for a few rounds and then stopped doing the open trackback crud. Then Bear came out in round 4 and knocked Eli down a few leve...

  4. From France: What Fires? What Riots?

    It is a matter of riots in certain neighborhoods around urban centers, those infamous ghettos which one finds in American Cities too. Elsewhere life goes on as usual.

  5. Amazing What Liberals

    I'm moving this post back up top since I feel like it deserves to be recognized again thanks to a post I found over at Here's a little snippet of just a few things he uncovered.

  6. A Child's Creativity

    .. Although I can not imagine what kind of stress these small children must experience during these tough times, I do know that the creative channel of Art can help heal every living thing...

  7. Those Bastards announces association with Open Sore Media

    Those Bastards, a member of the Technorati 36,000, has announced its association with Open Sore Media, the premier destination for bloggers after "Less People. Less Idiots." interested in open sores and truly open source media without filters...

  8. Free Debra LaFave Website

    This, sadly, is not a joke.

    "Free Debra"
    Its a fan site for Debra LaFave


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