Friday, November 18, 2005

Picnic Lunch: 11/18/2005

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  1. Misappropriating Intelligent Design and Overstating Evolution

    So, which is worse: misappropriating ID, or overstating E? It is my belief that this “debate” is wrong-headed, given the immiscible nature of Science and Religion.


  2. Poker, Grandma, and Random Thoughts

    This is a woman who worked until she was 87, and was annoyed when her job finally cut her hours to zero. She drank only Coke for 80 years - plus an ounce of orange juice with her pills in the morning - and nothing else. No water, no juice save that o...

  3. Friday Open Trackback And Link Fest

    Now on with the Open Trackback And Link Fest.

  4. Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto Caption Contest

    Captions/Photoshop Contest

  5. Future of the Republicans and Democrats

    There is an emerging direction for the two party system in the US. The Democratic Party is in full implosion mode.

  6. What Happens if We Leave?

    the Iranian army will cross into Iraq to “restore order”


  7. I'm a fookin genius!

    Yep, me Elmo. Great thinker and seer (is that a word?)
    Forty million blogs ..... all trying to figure out the "cause of french riots."
    And do you know what ...... bwahahahahahahahahaha

  8. The Komen-Planned Parenthood Money Machine

    Despite the massive amount of scientific research supporting an abortion/breast cancer link, the most recognized cancer fundraising business in America continues to donate thousands of dollars to the country’s largest abortion provider.
    Lauren ...

  9. All Bloggers & Readers - PASS THIS ON

    I don’t have to wonder how soldiers feel about the Left’s hardline stance against the war. My friends are in Iraq and Afghanistan and I know the truth - they hate it; it’s demoralizing and a betrayal. Both Kit and I have posted ema...

  10. Actions of a Morally Corrupt Welfare State

    There really is no more corrupt a concept, than the deification of the welfare system. It is considered beyond moral reproach, and any who dare question it's implementation and effectiveness are vilified as oppressive, greedy and heartless - determine...

  11. Treason Lobby Making It's Moves

    Really, the Democratic Party is simply amazing. What with the calls for a time table for leaving Iraq (which replaces their worn out exit strategy calls), the calls for investigations on pre war intelligence, and Murtha's call to cut and


    Via Drudge and My Way News.
    The Dems, railing constantly about the War in Iraq, have found themselves backed into a corner by the House Republicans, who finally tired of all the lies and rhetoric and have decided to vote regarding whether we should p...

  13. Dems Retreat From Call For Retreat

    "Our military has done everything that's been asked of them. It is time to bring them home," Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., Nov. 17, 2005.
    Republicans offer a vote on a resolution calling for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops.
    "This is a personal...

  14. Congressman Murtha meet Mark Twain

    Get your facts right congressman. Better yet, retire from office. You are either a liar or showing signs of senility and in either case you don't belong in office.

  15. No One Questions The Patriotism Of A Scoundrel

    One of the odder aspects of the war on terrorism is the appeasers continually accuse anyone who dares to disagree of "questioning my patriotism." Every Democrat speaking in tonight's debate on surrendering Iraq bristles at attacks at Jack Murtha's ...

  16. GOP: Iraq Showdown

    "I nostri soldati sono sotto attacco. Non possiamo permetterci di mandare segnali ambigui". Con queste parole, il congressman dell'Arizona, J.D. Hayworth, ha lanciato il guanto di sfida repubblicano agli avversari democratici, obbligandoli a prender...


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