Sunday, November 27, 2005


The Blog Interviews continue. Today, it's a pleasure to welcome Oddybobo...

It looks like the questioners are ready ...

So we begin...

What's the strangest thing you ever saw on eBay?

The "Drynite Bedwetting Alarm" which showed up in my search results when I was looking for an action figure for my nephew. Why, do you need one?


If you where going to do some wrestling.... would you prefer chocolate, vanilla or tapioca pudding?

I would prefer a combination of chocolate & vanilla. I am really not fond of tapioca - the beads get stuck in all the wrong places, not that I would know. *blushes*


what is your favorite white trash food someone brings to family pot-luck.

Frito Pie! It is simple, opened snack bags of fritos with a spoonfull of chili thrown in and topped with a dollop of sour cream and some shredded chedder cheese. Nothing says White Trash like food still in its tin foil bag!


What would you do with a piece of string, a marble, and 2 pennies?

I'd glue them to a paper plate in a smiley face pattern and tell everyone I found it in my attic and that it is an original Dali. Then I'd sell it to some sucker on ebay.


What is your favorite cartoon and why?

My favorite cartoon is the Justice League. My son and I watch it together. He pretends he is Superman and I get to be Wonder Woman, but he says that my plane isn't really invisible.


If you could have dinner (and cocktails) with any 10 people (living or passed) who would you invite? And what would you serve?

I would invite Larry the Cable Guy and my friends from the fire hall. We'd have beer and shooters and fried stuff and tell toilet humor jokes all night.


So, what are you wearing?

A hair scrunchie and red toe nail polish. What are you wearing?



Is it true that you still have the portable generator, jumper calbes, sea sponges and a bucket full of salt water from your interrogation of Contagion in your closet just waiting for a chance to use them again?

Yes, yes it is. In fact, I've used them once before, on my husband. I was less interrogation more kinky sex . . . byegones . . .


Ever met someone famous?

Yes, I have met Patrick Swayze during the filming of the little known "Tiger Warsaw" in my home town.

Elliot Sadler, Mark Martin, Jerry Nadeau, Bobby Labonte and Bobby Allison of Nascar Fame.

Bill Cosby - twice.

Johnnie Cochran, Jr., Esquire after he freed O.J.

I represented the following retired Oakland Raiders in an almost lawsuit: Fred Biletnikoff, Ted Hendricks, Pete Banazak, Phil Villapiano, Mark Van Eeghen, John Vella, Mike Siani, George Buehler, and Otis Sistrunk. I also spoke to Kenny Stabler and Marcus Allen on the Telephone.

I met Ben and Jerry of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, but I won't buy their ice cream because of their politics and because they support a cop killer.

I met, and have a picture with Edward James Olmos of Miami Vice Fame - he is very tall.

Gary Anderson, the former Steeler's kicker gave me $10,000 to go to college (him and Shop and Bag food stores).

The guy who invented the Club device for your car is a personal friend.

I met and ate lunch with Tom Stoppard, my favorite playwrite.

I have also met SCOTUS Justices Sandra Day O'Conner, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg who gave me pointers on becoming a judge one day.

Oh and various and sundry dignataries and sports figures, but no one likes a name dropper! *wink, wink*


What is your favorite vacation spot?

Camping at the beach on Assateague Island State Park on the Maryland Side.


If you were of partial Asian descent, do you think that you would like rice more than potatoes?

Since I am of partial Asian descent, I believe I am an authority on this topic. My answer, therefore, is true. I like rice more than potatoes.


Followup: Does that make you a Communist or a lawyer?

It makes me a libertarian. . .


what is your biggest Jerry Springer moment?

Oh dear gawd! I can't pick just one! O.k. It would have to be how I actually met my beloved husband. See, my sister was dating both of his roommates, at the same time, and well, they thought it would be fun to include him in the mix. My sister didn't think three was that crowded, but he did. So he called me instead. I guess he wanted to keep it in the family!


If you had a day to do anything you wanted to (no $$$ limitations and no guilt) what would you do?

If I had one care free day, I would spend the day with my son and husband doing whatever my son wanted to do which would probably involve the Power Rangers somehow.


And if you had a week?

If I had a week, I would go on vacation with my husband. Something we haven't done since 2000.


A month?

If I had a month, I would go back to Korea.


A year?

If I had a year, I would backpack with my family and camp all across the U.S. and Canada to try and visit every state.


If elected to the SCOTUS would you use your new found power to get good paying jobs for your cronies? If yes, how do I become a crony?

You aren't elected, you are appointed, then tortured endlessly by Congress prior to assuming the position, so to speak. Hypothetically, cause Scotus candidates answer everything in hypotheticals, I would. You can become a crony by submitting an application and the requisite promise to provide kickbacks upon demand. Also, sending a gift wrapped cheesecake once a month would be a nice touch.


Would you rather be a cat or a fish if you only had those 2 choices?

Neither really. If I were a cat, everyone would refer to me as "pussy" and I am not exactly fond of being referred to in that fashion. If I were a fish, my blog father and brother's would smirk and say "what's that smell" when I entered a blog room. That'd get old quick. But, if I had to choose, I'd pick a catfish - cause - well, I'm a lawyer so that already makes me a bottom feeding scumsucker, doesn't it?


Who is your hero?

Any man or woman who honorably served or are serving this country in the Armed Forces (or Merchant Marine). Without them, my son and I wouldn't be able to enjoy the freedoms we do. They are my heros, each and every honorable one!


If a train leaves Boston at 9:05 a.m. at 37 mph for Portland and a train leaves Chicago for Portland at 9:07 a.m. at 45 mph, why will they not meet?

Because the conductor of the Boston train forgot to hit the head before taking off and had to make a pitstop in NYC. At that time, Maureen Dowd cornered him in the men's rest-room, which she is accustomed to using, and offered him her services. The very thought of her offer made him violently ill requireing an overnight stay at a hospital and delaying the Boston train by more than 24 hours.


Do you have the hots for Harvey?

Does't everybody? ACtually, I am partial to large Ogre-looking men who have a "thing" for llamas, if you know what I mean. *wink, wink*


Who is your favorite movie star?

Classic: Katherine Hepburn
Western: John Wayne
Modern: Tommy Lee Jones


The year is 1776, the Brits are advancing on your position. You just fired your last round ball and are out of powder. Since you have a rifle there is no bayonett. Would you use a smooth bore pistol or a sword? Why?

Assuming I was still carrying both, I would use them both, once my pistol shot had been depleated, I would go running through the throngs of Brits weilding my sword and taking a few more home to God with me.


What is your favorite 'secret sin'?

pRon. Oh wait, that's no secret . . . O.K. then it would have to be treating myself to pumpkin pie on any occassion.


What is your favorite meal?

Korean bbq beef, Korean dumplings, Kimchi, Rice, Seaweed Soup and assorted Korean side dishes.


when did you know you would be successful?

I always "thought" I would be successful. However, I do not feel that I am. My successes will be measured by the type of man my son becomes.


What's the oddest thing you've ever done to pass the time when you were bored?

Sic my bird dog on unsuspecting birds for hours on end. Both she and I thorughly enjoyed it. She brought me three quail that day, out of season but damn tasty!


If you had to choose between the two, would you rather kill a puppy with your bare hands, or shave off an eyebrow to let the puppy live?

Hmmm. Shave off an eyebrow. Who do you think I am? Evil Glenn?


Would you like your picture taken with a mortar?

Sure, only if I can display ample cleavage.


Who is your favorite author?

I have so many! I had to narrow it down to those I could spout off the tippy-top of my head. Sci-Fi: Douglas Adams; Plays: Tom Stoppard; General Fiction: Jo Janoski!; Classics: Aphra Behn--who doesn't love a cross-dressing woman, married to a cross-dressing man--who can write a good slave narrative without any help.


What is your favorite kind of pet?

I'd have to say dogs. But I have a cat who has weasled his way into my family and though I am not fond of felines, this particular cat is awesome. He is partially blind and purrs like a fire engine.


What irritates you most about the media today?

Where do I start? There is their open and reprehensible bias for the left. Their inability to find the positive in most stories, their rabid thirst for blood and death or sensationalism. The flippant, diva-like attituds of today's media personalities. But most of all, it has to be that the media has become a circus of epic purportions. I look exclusively to the internet for all newsworthy items these days.


Who would be your body double?

Angelina Jolie? Nah-wishful thinking. I'm more along the lines of the Stay-pufft Marshmallow man.


Moby Stick
If you were queen of America for a day, who would you have thrown into the ocean?

I personally prefer beheddings. But in the interest of curbing excessive violence and hepatitis, I would go the ocean route. I'd toss moonbats the likes of Cindy Sheehan or Cynthia McKinney, Wingnuts like Pat Buchannon, Commies like Jane Fonda and Hillary Clinton and anyone who has ever been found guilty of touching a child in an inappropriate way, killing a child or child abuse. But then, only after I'd made sure each were significantly tortured.


Would you travel in a almost broken time machine if you had the chance, even though you might get stuck in a different time?

Yes, but only if I had no family, and only if I were able to travel to said time, fully armed!


When the revolution comes, who will be first up against the wall?

Michael Moore? Or, if you are referring to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, then the mindless jerks of the marketing department of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, of course! But, I prefer that it be Michael Moore.

Well, that was a blast! We learned a lot, and we had fun. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Next weekend, we have Michael from BatesLine and Jo from Jo's Cafe scheduled. That promised to be fun, too.


  1. Wow great interview (checking e-mail for my questions) hope they aren't as tough

  2. You Asked, I Answered!

    Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! My interview is up at basil's! I must say, ya'll wanted to know some interesting things. . . Go check it out....

  3. This was so much fun! Thanks for including me.

  4. ODDY...WHO?

    Now you can find out all those things you ever wanted to know about Oddybobo of Boboblogger, because her interview is up at Basil's Blog. Some favorite quotes: "Nothing says White Trash like food still in its tin foil bag!"...

  5. Jo:
    You got some doozies!

    Thanks for participating.

  6. That was great! I had no idea you liked to display ample cleavage.

  7. Now THAT was a GREAT interview! :-D


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