Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Breakfast: 11/15/2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. Jacquest Chirac Channels Jimmy Carter

    French President Jacques Chirac addressed the French people last night and attributed the riots that have shaken his country for the past three weeks to discrimination and malaise.

  2. l’Histoire se répete…

    I was browsing Tech Central Station recently and came upon a teasing title, “America’s First War on Islamic Terror.”
    Actually this turned out to be an interview by Orrin Judd of Joshua London on his new book on America’s so-c...

  3. GOP Goes After Weathervane Hawks With Video

    GOP.com isn't messing around. It has unveiled a new video at its website.
    The text includes quotes from both Clintons, Dr. Dean and assorted other Dems who have conveniently forgotten their hawkish words

  4. Planned Parenthood Challenges Hospital Mergers

    As religious hospitals merge with others, fewer overall offer abortion services.

  5. Democrats React to Suggestion of Supporting Iraq / Open Trackbacks

    So anyway I follow a link to his post with Democratic Reaction at The Washington Monthly. I guess I shouldn't be any more but once again I was shocked at the virulent and almost manic comments.

    There is only one way to win the war in Iraq: kill eve...

  6. Les Muslimerables in Deep Malaise

    I am beginning to think that the speculations that Chirac is on medication are unfortunately true. What other explanation could there be for this apparent complacency in a serious situation which demands firm and decisive action

  7. A Q 4 Glenn Reynolds

    Huh, toughguy, cat got your tongue?


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