Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Headline News 11-29-2005

From CNN:
France threatens Iran with U.N.
Iran's regime resigns, democracy breaks out

From CNN:
Vatican issues gay policy document
New policy gayer than old policy

From CNN:
China aims for the moon
Premier says "One of these days ... POW! To the moon!"

From WEWS:
Man: OJ contained toilet deodorizer
Murder of Nicole and Ron explained

From WDIV:
Piece of airplane damages house
Wing had been in trouble as a youth

From CNN:
New Orleans launches free wireless Internet network
Homeless forget trouble by surfing porn

From CNN:
S. Korea's education under new microscope
World smallest college opens

From ABC News:
Iran Trying to Bolster Its Space Program
Developes three-stage camel

From ABC News:
Highest Wages in East, Lowest in South
Proof that you'd have to pay someone a lot to live up there

From ABC News:
Fugitive Who Asked 'What's Up?' Arrested
Bugs Bunny collared


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