Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Picnic Lunch: 11/16/2005

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  1. Three Cheers for Joe Lieberman

    Is he the only statesman left in the Democratic Party?

    Well three cheers for Joe for his statements on the Senate floor and his article today at Real Clear Politics.

    Thank you Mr. Lieberman for being at least one leader in my party that I can be ...

  2. High School Newspaper Censorship

    Tramplilng the speech and press rights of kids--nice lesson to teach about how America really works.

  3. The Long March Of Freedom

    Since I've been pretty hard on him lately, I should point out that President Bush has given a fairly good, strong speech about the advance of liberty in Asia as he prepares to meet with China's leadership later this week.

  4. My Heart Skips A Beat

    There is a "man" who makes my heart skip a beat with every "I love you" with every sweet kiss. His smile takes my breath away. His bright blue eyes melt my heart. I find myself hanging on his every...

  5. Open Bar

    I'm Opening the Bar to any and all posts you would like to have posted here...

  6. Article III Groupie Outed!

    Samuel A. Alito, Jr. is claiming that he has absolutely no relationship whatsoever with her ("him") in his post "A Terrific Misunderstanding"; "Ladies and Gentlemen, this has gotten out of hand. This site does not bear any relation to Articl...

  7. Unreal TV

    Brent Baker at News Busters takes great offense at the plot of the fictional ?Commander in Chief? TV show. It seems the Republican House speaker is an old-time segregationist. That does seem to run counter to the reality that MoveOn lefties now idoli...

  8. Losers of the world unite!

    I got an email from on his latest fundraising scheme. I could hardly get past the first paragraph without laughing out loud. The author cites four "democratic leaders" who are influencing the debate about America's future in Iraq. Thos...

  9. 83,000 Prisoners

    As seen on the Drudge Report, the AP is reporting that 83,000 foreigners have been detained by the U.S. in the last four years, related to the war on terror. Human rights groups, of course, are freaked out about it. They can't seem to get it into thei...

  10. Goose Canada

    Finally some good news:
    Feds develop plans to kill Canadian geese
    Is there a slimier, more obnoxious and foul fowl? I think not. And they insist on being called "Canada geese" not "Canadian geese."
    John Brady, a biologist and senior vice preside...

  11. Senate Blog Row

    The Senate Republican Conference will host the first ever Senate Blog Row this Thursday on Capitol Hill. Topics for discussion will include "the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee, Judge Samuel Alito, JOBS/Economy, Deficit Reduction, the War on Te...

  12. Byrd Hunter?

    Steve Harrison cannot decide if he wants to run for the state Senate again or the U.S. Senate. If he is bored with the Legislature, a shot at Byrd might make sense. Oh, not that he is going to beat him. But a good clean, Christian campaign that shows...

  13. I'll drink to that

    Here is some interesting news.


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