Thursday, November 10, 2005

Headline News: 11/10/2005

From ABC News:
Kenny Chesney, Post-Renee, Doing 'Good'
Also doing hookers

From ABC News:
Al Qaeda claims Jordan bombings
Michael Moore praises 'Freedom Fighters'

From ABC News:
k.d. lang files suit against former manager
Lawyer calls suit 'silly' and criticizes singer for using only lowercase name ... Hey! Wait a minute!

From ABC News:
The Note: "God Is Not a Republican"
Satan, on the other hand, is a Democrat

From ABC News:
San Francisco OKs bans on guns, army recruiters
Terrorists welcome

From ABC News:
Republican Wins San Diego Mayor's Race
Democrats claim victory

From BBC:
Heated bra aims to save the world
Aims to bust the bad guys

From KGTV:
City stops controversial squirrel poisoning
To return to more conventional method of poisoning squirrels

From ABC News:
Neb. Residents Want Smelly Pile Gone
Michael Moore cuts vacation short

From Fox News:
Muhammad Ali Gets Highest Civilian Honor, Jokes With Bush
Also swapped Vietnam War stories

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