Saturday, November 26, 2005

Saddam's Evil From Jail

The evil of the regime of Saddam Hussein continues from the political grave, the Times of London reports.
Saddam faces chrges of the slaughter of 143 people in Dujail, at least 46 of whom were tortured in prison before execution. Yet this incident has not been given 1% of the coverage given the dick-mocking by Lyynndie England.
Witness intimidation is evident as those who testify on behalf of the prosecution. One leaflet found around Dujail translates into:
"Anyone who testifies in the court against the leader Saddam Hussein and his colleagues will receive something from us that will not please him and that goes to that person’s brothers, sons, daughters, cousins and entire tribe."
No doubt Saddam will get the fair trial that he denied tens of thousands. But whether there is justice is another matter.
Had we listened to the Left, Saddam would still be running things, bribes would still be paid the French and the UN and instead of facing random bombings by Baathists, the people would face random state-sponsored torture and execution.
My contempt for the Left grows with each report like this. They whine about the FBI looking at the Overdue List at the library while greeting with utter silence the atrocities of this regime -- which they wanted kept in power.
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