Thursday, November 10, 2005

Picnic Lunch 11/10/2005

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  1. An Intifada Smoldering in Russia?

    “Today’s Russia …is going through a ’serious systemic failure.’ And amidst this gradual, but serious, dissolution within the Russian Federation’s failure of modernization suddenly come radical Muslims, spreading out...

  2. Is it bad to make money?

    Oil Company Execs Defend Profits to Senate. Just reading that headline pissed me off more then I could fathom. Does the government not have something more important to look into? Wait, this involves money so of course they don?t. No...

  3. Drop Zone - OPEN POST (now with more Post!)

    Another day, another round of happenings.
    First up, Froggy and his Team Navy made their goal of $21,000 for Project Valour-IT, so they think they’re pretty badass - and they are! They’re totally badass! (don’t kill me…) Howev...

  4. Republicans: Democrats Lite

    Michelle Malkin calls it "The GOP Cave In" but you can call it whatever you want. Suffice it to say that my lack of confidence in the Republican leadership in Washington was reinforced yet again last night when the House leadership dropped a provisio...

  5. 24: Season 5 Sneak Peek

    Jack Bauer has saved the world 4 times, but it looks like he can't save his hair line?

  6. L'Etat Est Sarkozy

    BBC News: "Interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered the expulsion of all foreigners convicted of taking part in the riots that have swept France for 13 nights."
    Hey, Sarkozy, vous da homme!

  7. Dishonorable Libs & Open Post

    This is just the latest lie, but one I just could not allow to slide on the eve of Veterans Day.

  8. Roll the dice

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... It's Stop the ACLU Thursday (+ Open Trackbacks)

  9. Comments on the election in Penna.


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