Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Football Season Ending

White Trash Wednesdays

Yeah, in case you ain't figured it out, football's pretty big in this part of the country. Some say football is a religion. Other say it's as important as life and death.

Lots of folks talk big about their high school football teams. In Georgia, the high school that has the biggest tradition is Valdosta High. Football fans in Georgia that have never been to Valdosta still know about Wright Bazemore and Nick Hyder. They was coaches, in case you didn't know that.

Valdosta seems to always make the playoffs. They don't always win State, but they've won it more than anybody.

But not this year. They got beat a couple of weeks ago by Camden County, which was one of the top teams in the country this year. Until they got beat. And the team that beat Camden County, plays for state against ... get this ... Lowndes County.

You don't get it, do you? Lowndes County is the county where ... Valdosta is located!

So, Valdosta gets booted out of the playoffs, and another team from Valdosta plays for the state championship.

It seems that Valdosta just keeps pumping out the football players.

Used to be, when a family had a good, strong football player in the household, they'd change the city limits to include that property and drop the property of someone whose boy had graduated. That way, the good players went to Valdosta, and Lowndes County High got the leftovers.

Don't believe me? Look at this map of Valdosta.

See how funny-shaped the grey area is? That's caused all the football players didn't live next door to each other.

That's how folks build football teams around here.

Or at least how city councils build them.

But high school football ain't the only football in Georgia. We gotcha college football, too.

In the big colleges, there's the University of Georgia, who's playing for the SEC title against LSU. That game's going to be in Atlanta at the Dome.

Last weekend, the Dawgs beat the Humble Bumbles of Georgia Tech in Atlanta. That game was at the Dome, too.

And if Georgia whups up on LSU, they'll play in the Sugar Bowl ... at the Dome in Atlanta.

So the Dawgs got a chance to play three straight road games in the same stadium in the same season ... and it's not their stadium. Only in Georgia.

Still, not everybody's happy with college football in Georgia. Seems that down in Statesboro, Georgia Southern gone and fired their coach. Mike Sewak got the boot ... and his whole coaching staff did too.

Hard times in Statesboro. On the college level. At the high school level, they're doing okay in the 'Boro. Statesboro High plays for state this weekend.

Football is life and death? Nope. It's much more important than that.


  1. And u know what is even more speshul about Valdosta? They's got a city inside of it. Its called Remerton. Look at that map. Its kinda hard to see it and it don't look like its nothin' speshul but it's its own town right smack dab in the middle of Valdosta.
    I wonder if its kinda like that place the pope lives inside of that country...

  2. Well, Basil, I hate to do this, but I've an issue with one little bitty comment of yours here. You say that Georgia played Georgia Tech in the Dome last weekend - but one had to only look at that rectangular stadium to know that the Georgia/Georgia Tech game indeed took place at Bobby Dodd stadium, not the Dome. Now, far be it from lil ol' me to correct the all-knowing, all-powerful Basil, but you may wanna check your facts on this. Go Dawgs!

  3. Cousin Red never was the sharpest knife in the drawer.


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