Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Covered Dish Supper: 11/15/2005

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  1. O’Reilly: NYCLU Wants Sex Offenders Out of Jail (VIDEO)

    O’Reilly: NYCLU Wants Sex Offenders Out of Jail (VIDEO)


  2. Congratulations Karrie

    Part-time Palm Beach County resident Karrie Webb was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame yesterday. She became the youngest inductee to date, Karrie is only 30 years of age. No doubt in my mind, Karrie deserved the honor.

  3. Predator Helps Take Out Insurgents

    From The World Tribune via Drudge: The Predator drone is helping to take down terrorists in Iraq. The Predator has been used as an unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicle since NATO invaded Bosnia in 1995 to stop the ethnic cleansing. It...

  4. Fighting The Fifth Column

    Remember when Lewis Libby was indicted? Remember what Uncle Donny said? They wanted a Harley, they got a Scooter.
    With this behind, the White House forges ahead. Critics are being answered with light, not heat. The latest to fall: The New York Times...

  5. Bush Blasts Critics Again, Crosses Proverbial Line

    President Bush's recent speeches that take his intellectually dishonest critics to task have been met with great praise by Republicans nationwide. The general feeling among his conservative base can best be summed up by the phrase: It's about time. H...

  6. A Remarkable Donation

    Posting an incredibly touching, older article.
    A Palestinian father explains that saving lives was more important than religion...

  7. Armies of Liberation Battles al-Jazeera

    YemenJane Novak who blogs at Armies of Liberation has been writing about Yemen for years. She recently was interviewed by al-Jazeera as she fights oppression as only she can. She tells us about the media experience, c) nail the...

  8. "I Never Knew His Name, The true face of Muslim ma

    A suicide bomber drove his car and hit the Stryker when about twenty children were jumping up and down and waving at the soldiers. The bomber could have waited for the Stryker to be past the kids, but chose not to do so. I didn't think any story coul...

  9. Pro(long)-Life

    Speaking of living as long as possible, Dean Esmay's started a bit of a debate about whether it's necessary for humans to age in some sort of moral/ethical sense.

  10. Ze French Open Post

    OK. Here is how it works. You copy the URL. You trackback. I list your link later!
    Linked to Political Teen and Basil's Blog and Choose Life and Jo's Cafe and Cao's Blog and Euphoric Reality and NIF and bRight & Early and Stop the ACLU

  11. Open Tar Pit TrackBack #3!

    A round up of some current Open TrackBack posts today.... This is also an open trackback thread. Have fun!

  12. Wednesday Open Trackback Party: BYOB (Bring Your Own Blog)

    Open Trackback Wednesday. Just make sure you trackback to this site. I will link back to you on this page. Linked to: TheTar Pit California Conservative MacStansbury Cao's Blog Add this Blogroll to your site

  13. Hillary: If "Saddam does not comply, then we can attack him" with "legitimacy"

    We got the resolution. Saddam did not comply. We went to war with legitimacy. Does the issue of intelligence appear in the Iraq War logic chain? Take your time.

  14. Evidence the "Paris Riots" Are Actually the "French Intifada"

    This entry will be updated regularly, because it may be the only comprehensive documentation of the Intifada-like elements of the French rioting.

    Note: This contrarian thesis, articulated first in a comprehsive way here first, has now begun to be expre

  15. Good PR Press for the President

  16. Is Islam a religion of peace?

  17. Wednesday Flashback Trackback

    Crank up the way back machine Mr. Peabody and let’s go back to December 16, 1998. William Jefferson Clinton is in office in the middle of a scandal about sex with an intern. Clinton has been caught lying about an inappropriate (read sexual) re...


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