Monday, November 28, 2005

Lunch 11-28-2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:


  1. A O Way to Go Ohio

    Anyway, my beloved Buckeye State has license plates. They say "Choose Life". Yeah baby! They were signed into law back in February and scheduled production started May 15th.

  2. “Democrats Eat Their Own" Is Not News

    So now, in one of the largest image remake attempts ever, the left is telling us that to compare someone to their patron saint, Michael Moore, is to impugn them!


  3. Tasteless

    Cindy Sheehan is alone in many ways, but she's down because her son is no longer with her. And bloggers are continuing to kick her. I just have to say this is despicable.

  4. Daschle Admits He Sent Troops In For Votes

    Tom Daschle admitted to a couple of LA Times reporters what I have suspected all along: Much of the Democratic support for the war was merely to get votes.
    With an election coming up, Democrats supported the war, knowing any failure would be blamed up...

  5. TerrorHawk

    This letter is to inform you that you are no longer to use the chickenhawk meme unless you agree to meet certain criteria

  6. DNC DOA

    With a tip of my nonexistent cap to I see where the Democratic National Committee plans meet in N'Ahlins this spring. Once again, style over substance. Democrats continue to insist on little games rather than offering any policy.
    Yes, Ne...

  7. APB On Bugs

    the pc police are after Bugs Bunny.

  8. "You Can't Arrest Me. I Made That Shirt!"

    United States Border Patrol agents who are charged with providing security along the U.S. and Mexican border, are speaking out in anger over the fact that the uniforms they wear sport a Made In Mexico tag. To say that we

  9. How not to start a blog, in ten easy lessons. One .... you don't need Pajamas.

    We'll, they're optional anyway. A functional computer, a stable zippy connection, a thick epidermis. Oh, and something to spew. That should get you into the third floor basement (elevator or stairs, your choice). Now .... if you want to run with the ...

  10. Medicaid Truth

    Left unchecked, Medicaid spending will drive state budgets into the red. For years, states expanded this spending because the federal government matches each dollar spent by a state (the match is nearly 3-to-1 in West Virginia). Now they realize the ...

  11. Bush the Reformer

    As the Duke Cunningham slowly fades into the West, we see once again federal prosecutors putting away another white collar criminal.
    Adelphia? John Rigas and other family members convicted and forced to forfeit 95% of their assets. Holy bagoley. That ...

  12. Hitler in a Headscarf

    Well duh, in this age of one name wonders, why not snag Hitler! He wanted Madonna but heard that she has some phony comeback in progress...

  13. Bush Tap Dances Around Illegal Immigration

    I just forced myself to sit through Bush's speech in Arizona yesterday about border control and illegal immigration. I knew I needed to. I knew it would be difficult. I knew it would be painful. Catch it again over at The Political Teen, if you can st...

  14. Define Nefarious Bastard Please

    This just in: State Department churns out super weenies!

  15. Prediction Confirmed: "Rampant Abuse" of Gaza Expellees. Why Should We Care?

    On August 15, the first day of the expulsion of the Jewish residents of Gaza, I predicted the abuse they could potentially suffer at the hands of the government without the constraint of an honest news media:
    Warning to the settlers: civil disobedience l

  16. Illegal Immigration: From My Perspective

    In a recent article I quoted Mark Krikorian as saying that we truly don't need illegal slave labor. I'd like to expand on that a little bit from my own experience.

  17. Prediction Confirmed: Rafah Opening Brings Senior Hamas Terrorist

    On Friday, the day of the opening of the Rafah crossing from Egypt to Gaza, I predicted that the "anti-terrorist security measure" of a live video feed given to Israel in exchange for five sweeping strategic concessions was a "charade". My predicti...

  18. The best I can figure, a conservative dropped him when he was a child

    I didn't post on the horrid Ted Rall cartoon yesterday. Nick at Conservative Dialysis addressed it pretty thoroughly, and I couldn't add to his analysis. Today Ted dredges up a little more bile in his weekly op/ed subtitled "How Ragtag...

  19. Just A Dab'll Do Ya'

    Braving fetid lefty swamps for you people


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