Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Breakfast 11-30-2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. Government Mandated Choice

    From today's Washington Post comes news that the Feds have decided that they know whats best for Americans, yet again:

  2. Bunglers and Disgraceful

    Best describes most of the participants in this story.

  3. Point - Counterpoint

    by Bergbikr
    As is my daily practice, on November 28 I shared an article with a list of friends (and polemical counterparts), a Chicago Sun-Times article by Mary Laney, "Our accomplishments in Iraq make for a long list." One of the recipients, a fo...

  4. Seeing The Future

    Read this:
    President Bush is trying to convince skeptical Americans that Iraqi forces are increasingly able to protect their nation but the president is not ready to set dates for withdrawing U.S. troops.
    In a speech Wednesday at the U.S. Naval Acad...

  5. Wednesday Politically Correct Linkfest Party

    Some of the most politically correct words of 2005: Deferred Success rather than Failure- so as not to embarrass those that do not succeed. Misguided Criminals:One of the Phrases used by the BBC instead of the word terrorists Womyn: For women to dista...

  6. my mistake - it's 9:45 AM. Sorry about that. He should speak at night,tho.


  7. U.S. Diplomat Makes 'Bush lies' Claims in June '0

    Now that's a good question. Better phrased as "What's a moonbat like you doing in a war like this?"

  8. I have a question on trackbacking. I know how to do them now, but how do I get them to show on my blog frontpage in the same format they show up as once they are clicked on? I have a Blogspot Blog and Haloscan for trackbacks but don't use it for comments.

    I know I can manually enter the information in a post but wondered if there was a script that would include them. I'm still new to this, but I'm learning...

    Thanks :-)

  9. More on British/American Camouflage

    Michele Malkin comes up with a doozy on the MoveOn fake American soldiers lonely Thanksgiving Day dinner fraud. She shows side-by-side photos

  10. Lisa:
    Do you mean in a format other than that as described in this post?

  11. Remember: Semper Fi

    The only way he could "allay Democrats' doubts" would be to become a weak, defeatist, irresponsible leader who advocates bringing the troops home before their work in Iraq is done.

  12. Oops! and the strange case of the morphing shorts A United States Army Captain sent an email to James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal, which Taranto featured in his "Best of the Web" column. The Captain was writing to...


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