Saturday, November 12, 2005

Brunch: 11/12/2005

Try one of these specials with your brunch:


  1. Canada’s Remembrance Day 2005

    The image is of the Service Vietnam medal issued by the government of Canada to 253 members of the Canadian Armed Forces who served in Vietnam. This 253 number does not include the ten to forty thousand Canadians who served in Vietnam or during the Vi...

  2. Dean's Dot.Com Bust & Open Post

    Point Five: 'Cell Phone Bandit' Robs Banks To Pay Cell Phone Bill

  3. Weekend Trackback Party

    Here is how it works. Edit a post to include a link to this post, and send a trackback. No link to this post, and the trackback will be deleted.
    If you have something interesting that you would like to share with us, and our readers, please leave a ...

  4. Side Dish of Irrelevant

    Today we are being joined by Pat Robertson, who has just recently called for God to smite down the heathens in Dover.





    Actually Keith,...

  5. My link isn't working on your site Basil. Here is the link Clubbin'

  6. Open Trackbacks: Saturday

    Open Trackbacks: Saturday


  7. Cultural Jurisprudence

    "As today's balance of the Modern World continues to evolve culturally, we see that some parts of the Globe still cling to their perception of honor, amidst brutality, purely without jurisprudence."....

  8. The Old Iraqi Nuclear Stockpile

    More unsettling news about Saddam and nuclear weapons...

  9. San Francisco: No Guns/Military (Except That Guy from The Village People)

    MJ's rant on San Fran's liberal weenieness

  10. Ward Churchill comes out of the closet and announces that he's gay.

    Denver (AP) Embattled college professor Ward Churchill today announced that he is gay. Churchill appeared at a hastily called press conference at the So. Denver, Sherraton Resort. Appearing with Churchill was his new bride Professor Steven E. Jones, a ...

  11. The AP On Santorum

    An article from the AP...

  12. Yes, I DO question your patriotism

    GW's long-over-due speech in PA yesterday has hit a few Left cultist nerves. Seems they, along with their fellow travelers in the MSM, have their tits in a wringer when the President steps up to counter their lies in no...

  13. Have the French Lost Touch Again?

    When I last discussed the Paris riots, I thought that the whole mess was on the verge of dying out completely. After all, the Chirac government had declared a state of emergency and the number of incidents had declined for...

  14. Bullet-proof Vest for the Mascot

    Last night was the regional semifinals for the Clark County high school football teams. Cimarron-Memorial is in the Sunset region and they won last night's game vs. Cheyenne High School. My stepson is the mascot for Cimarron-Memorial and as such, he ...

  15. Holiday Weekend Open Post

    There’s a trackback party at Choose Life.


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  17. Charlie Rose interviews the Avian Flu, or...

    In deciding how to feel about the Avian Flu, we've settled on alarm combined with morbid acceptance. It's like realizing the house is surrounded by Zombies and they've cut off the phone liines. Hey, plague happens.

  18. Waxing Austere?

    FDR quoted Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay in 1936 saying, ?Reform if you would preserve.? It is worth looking at Lord Macaulay?s quote

  19. Short Winter Reading List

    Here are a few books to put on your wishlist for Christmas...

  20. Libertarian

    "Libertarian" seems to be a current cool thing to be, or to "lean" or to have been influenced by. Yet it's inconceivable that the word can mean all the

  21. Weekend Round-Up

    Patrick Ruffini organized a blogger conference with Ed Gillespie, high-ranking republican, Samuel Alito's counselor and former chief of Republican National Committee. Townhall, Professor Bainbridge, RightWing News, Blogs for Bush, The Political Teen,...

  22. Edwards Is Wrong About Being Wrong

    John Edwards lays out in the Washington Post the new Democratic Party tack to derail President Bush: Surrender Iraq.
    It is a disingenuous plan that requires a false confession of error on his part. ("I was wrong.") A false premise for the war. ("We...

  23. Peter Drucker's Writing Secret

    Peter Drucker, 1909 - 2005 I learned the secret to the clarity of Peter Drucker's business writing while visiting the Left Coast a few years ago. Your Business Blogger attended the Christian Booksellers Association conference in LA as a...

  24. We’re Winning The War on Terror But Democrats Have Other Ideas

    Of course Democrats can not afford for us to win the war on terror, at least not while Republicans control it. But that is exactly what is happening.
    AFTER years of al-Qaeda terror attacks in which thousands have been killed, many of them Muslims - t...

  25. Can You Find Michelle Malkin In This List?

    A blog lists the top 10 most powerful female bloggers and Michelle Malkin is not on the list. Bias? You betcha. Michelle’s weekend traffic:
    Total - 19,765,292
    Average Per Day - 98,541
    Last Hour - 1,176
    Today - 4,060
    This Week - 689,788

    And th...

  26. If Dr. Seuss wrote 'Star Trek'

    With all that tech from stem to stern,
    And such a fevered quest to learn,
    There's one thing that seems quite unfair-

  27. L'Act de Patriot

    Here is what happens when a government goes really Koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs, courtesy of Paul Belien ... Egalite, Liberte, Hypocrise.

  28. Beltway Sunday Drive

    Time for the Sunday linkfest, wherein those blogging on Sundays can link themselves on OTB. It’s like the Traffic Jam except, as Lionel Richie would say, easy like a Sunday morning.

    To join in, choose a post from your blog to highlight, edit...

  29. Bruce Willis Is Hollywood Right

    As Reported in the NY Post's Page Six Bruce Willis is putting his money where his mouth is. Bruce is offering 1Million dollars for the capture of Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri or Abu Musab al-Zarqawi offered up by any civilian. Willis is a true ...

  30. The Jordanian Bombers Wife

    The wife of one of the suicide bombers in the Amman hotel bombings has been captured. Apparently, she was trying to be a suicide bomber herself, but her bomb failed to detonate.

  31. Quickies - Cluebat Edition

    (Thanks to Sondra for the toon) Hollywood John McClain is going after Abu and Osama. Die Hard XVII Literature...

  32. Since you do this trackback thing regularly, you should get yourself on the OTA blogroll.

  33. Sex In The City...Idiotstyle

    Is there anything actors can't do?

  34. John (Yes, I'm familiar with Mr Big's first name; don't ask):

    I appreciate the suggestion. And understand the value of Open TrackBacks. That's why I've been doing it since March.

    Have you considered joining the Alliance of Free Blogs?

    Perhaps we can work something out.

  35. Plea Possibility Considered

    Now I don?t consider this to be a big deal. If Tom DeLay could have made all of this go away via a misdemeanor plea to an obscure violation of campaign finance law, no one other than the most partisan...

  36. Stop The Racism! Stop The Sexism!

    What would happen if a public university tried to set up a set of special program to provide lucrative fellowship to white or male students (or ? horrors ? exclusively to white males) to the exclusion of women and minorities?...

  37. Right-Wing of the GodsNovember 13, 2005 at 2:06 PM

    Countering the Counter-Recruiters

    Or thus says the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors' website, in it's section entitled, "Before You Enlist". Furthermore they tell young men and women that military service is, "Hazardous to your Your Education, Your Future, People of C...

  38. John Cusack: Is there anything actors can't do?

    He's so dreamy

  39. Evidence the "Paris Riots" Are Actually the "French Intifada"

    This entry will be updated regularly, because it may be the only comprehensive documentation of the Intifada-like elements of the French rioting.

    The New York Times deserves singling out for its sweeping blindness: "the violence in France has not t...

  40. IRIS Exposes 2 Anti-Israel New York Times Falsehoods

    Note: This widely circulated story is not one about Times errors. That's how it started, but it turned into one about an attempt to push an entirely revisionist definition of "Jerusalem" that has no basis whatsoever in fact, law or history. The Time...

  41. Media Bias Trifecta: 3 Sets of "Copycat" Errors

    Here are three sets of "copycat" news errors:Set 1:

    1. "Egypt, a political trendsetter that accounts for more than half the Arab population" (Oct. 19 Washington Post)

    2. "Egypt represents more than half the population of the Arab world" (No...


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