Sunday, November 27, 2005

Brunch: 11/27/2005

Try one of these specials with your weekend brunch:


  1. A Good Withdrawal

    The most underrated story of the week is U.S. troop withdrawal from Uzbekistan. Following 9/11, America used this Asian nation as a staging area for the Afghanistan theater of the War on Terrorism.
    Well, it turned out the Uzbek regime terrorizes its o...

  2. Thanksgiving Thoughts From The President

    Thanksgiving was naturally the topic of the President's weekly radio address.
    This week, we gather with our loved ones to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives. Each family has its own traditions, yet we are united as a nation in setting a...

  3. The Chinese Water Hazard

    Every person I ask has a different story. Even the newspaper isnt clear...What does one expect when the government runs the chemical plant in question, the media that supplies the 'news,' and has watchers throughout the country who spy for the govern...

  4. Lifting The Curtain Of Lies

    Yesterday's London Telegraph tells a story of a war that might have been, but thankfully never was:

  5. Sex and Chess or Maybe its good I only play corres

    Try playing a game of chest....err I mean chess with that across the board from you. I haven't competed Over the board in 20 years. Have times changed.

  6. Who Is The X Now?

    When this CNN X's Out Cheney flap began I said it was another stupid controversy and someone should lose his job.
    Drudge, who broke the story, now has the followup: someone lost his job. The reason is clear: CNN has no credibility among conservatives...

  7. Thanks for the linky, basil. Why'd you enjoy that more than the fabulous new design?


  8. Oh, the "Santarina" design is great! But, c'mon. Linking to the Link Scrooge!

    How could I pass that up?

  9. Fred Barnes pimps the Bush Amnesty

    The Bush Amnesty would grant vast preferences to illegals who've also worked illegally, over potential guest workers who haven't broken our laws. The only objective criterion for this injustice would be that the illegal has broken several laws and ot...

  10. Fawaz Damra is deported, but it's still not enough

    The Akron Beacon-Journal (via Debbie Schlussel, who's done some of the best coverage of the case, and also Michelle Malkin), has a report by the AP Wire on the deportation of Fawaz Damra, the imam who was in charge of the Cleveland Mosque, and is a m...

  11. thanks for the resurrect link, basil!

  12. Who Do These American Soldiers Think They Are?

    Last Wednesday on her show Laura Ingraham talked to Army Major Steve Warren and Coast Guard Commander Duke Walker about the situation in Iraq. Both men talked about how much support they've been getting from the Iraqi people and the...


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