Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Picnic Lunch: 11/15/2005

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  1. Where's the Hair?

    I got a haircut this weekend . . . Can you tell?...

  2. Tuesday Open Trackbacks!

    Look for open posts here on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


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  4. Love Is Thicker than Politics

    A little moonbat moment I had recently:
    I was speaking with a good friend of mine. She's an avowed Bush-hating, anti-Military liberal. And… still a friend. We usually avoid politics but on occasion have been known to discuss current affairs, ...

  5. The Knuckleheads of the Day award

    Today's winners are Chad Livdahl and Zahra Karim.

  6. Dean Disavows Racial Slurs, Stops Short of Apology

    When will an apology to Michael Steele be forthcoming--never if you are a Democrat.

  7. The Sky Didn't Fall

    The blogosphere acted Stuck On Stupid today as it trusted the New York Times instead of common sense. Here was the overnight headline on a Carl Hulse story: Senate Republicans Pushing for a Plan on Ending the War in Iraq
    The sky is falling down, all ...

  8. Dubya Googled

    Bush lied...not according to this google search. Who you gonna believe? I'll Go with Google. Hat Tip to: Michelle Malkin/AKA Bryan Preston Left click Hillary! For Video courtesy of the GOP. Linked to: Basil's Blog

  9. Around and about...

    A few items that've caught my eye According to Orson Scott Card, The Legend of Zorro "...is not a great movie. It's barely a good movie..." but it has one (but at least it has that) saving grace. Amazing: a movie from Hollyweird with one redeeming ...

  10. Guess you have to think about the shape and the bleached hair or something. Mensa Barbies are slower than Mensa Army Vets!! Had THIS story on the 9th and it was really good than and posted but since I don't look like a "Barbie" it was hardly read!! Glad SOMEONE is calling attention to this wonderful gift.


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