Monday, November 21, 2005

Covered Dish Supper: 11/21/2005

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  1. Vice President Id’s the Enemy

    Vice President Dick Cheney spoke today at the American Enterprise Institute. Aside from his comments rebuting those who continue to spread the lie that the President or his administration purposely misled the American people on pre-war intelligence I ...

  2. I Fell Into A Goblet of Fire...

    There are spoilers in this post. If you haven't read the books, you might want to skip this post... I went down, down, down...and the flames went higher. And it burns, burns, burnnns! The Goblet of Fire...the Goblet of Fire....

  3. I am HiJacking This Site!!!!!

    I have decided to hijack this site and play with this whole trackback party thing. There is no particular reason for doing this other than I feel like doing it, and once Jay notices this he is sure to call me up and say “Kender? What’s ...

  4. OSM Eyesight and Reality Construct (Blogger) Admission Test /OSMERCAT.

    All questions are mulitple choice, let's begin.

  5. CNN Caught Using Subliminal Messages In News Broadcasts

    Drudge has done it again. This time he’s busted CNN using subliminal messages during a live interview with Vice President Cheney.

    At 11:04:45 AM ET Monday CNN was airing Vice President Dick Cheney’s speech live from the American Enterp...

  6. When the Democrats and the terrorists want the same thing, something's wrong

    The new equation in U.S. politics is a simple one. If the U.S. loses, the Democrats win.

  7. Memo to Chris Matthews and all 9-11 apologists

    It is time for you and others in MSM or anywhere else to be honest for once about what is being dealt with today. You're an intelligent man, who if you'd think of Christine Hanson for one minute you would understand what I wrote above. Instead I feel...

  8. School Of The Americas: Interview

    Last weekend the antiwar crowd protested the military. I know, I know, I'm shocked too, however this was a little different.


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