Monday, January 9, 2006

Headline News 01-09-2006

From CNN:
Marcus Vick charged with firearms offenses
No longer allowed to operate out of the shotgun

From CNN:
Bush touts signature education law
President says signatures are important

From CNN:
Cubans sent home after bridge landing
First bridge to fly the Florida Straits

From WEWS:
Woman thought she would come back to life
Didn't think that for long

From KOCO:
Bad burgers make students sick
Burgers to stay after class for a week

From KPRC:
Pellet gun found in school bus search
Really stupid investigators unable to tell them apart

From KMGH:
Suspect died while running from police
Quit running shortly afterward

From CNN:
Racial shooting case shocks Minnesota town
Town unaware any Blacks lived there

From ABC News:
Louisiana Governor, Senators Go to Holland
To hire little Dutch boys to plug dikes

From ABC News:
Milky Way's warp caused by interloping galaxies
Snickers affected by heat


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  2. The Right's Rathergate?...

    Uh guys, there is just one problem: Has anyone seen these documents? ...


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