Thursday, January 12, 2006

Headline News 01-12-2006

From ABC News:
DNA Tests Confirm Executed Va. Man Guilty
Death penalty opponents shocked to discover a killer lied about his innocence

From ABC News:
Glow-in-the-Dark Pigs Make Debut
Big Bad Wolf's job just got easier

From ABC News:
Deer Lands in Drama Section at Video Store
Wanted to know why The Deer Hunter wasn't in horror section

From ABC News:
Eagles used to prey on our ancestors: scientists
Joe Walsh, Don Henley cite survival of the fittest as reason

From ABC News:
Urethritis in Men Linked to Oral Sex
That sucks

From ABC News:
Eminem, ex-wife, get permit to remarry
No decision yet on which one kills the other, signs book deal

From ABC News:
Gene Simmons joins A&E's reality TV lineup
Nothing says 'reality' like a Jewish rock star in white face paint

From ABC News:
Jefferson gets new look on new nickel
Queer Eye for the Presidential Guy completes first episode

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