Thursday, January 5, 2006

Headline News 01-05-2006

From WKMG:
Human Head Found Floating Off Fla. Island
Krystal's "Bob the head," fired in early 1990s, finally located

From CNN:
Paris Hilton accused of spreading 'vicious lies'
Also spreading several diseases

From CNN:
Unable To Produce Visa, Teen Is Jailed
Jail does not take American Express

From CNN:
Justices order Padilla transfer to Miami
Will start at wide receiver in '06 season

From CNN:
Sen. Clinton fundraising group fined over Hollywood gala
Dems cite fine as proof of Bush administration corruption

From CNN:
Study: Free booze benefits homeless alcoholics
Expensive liquors have no effect

From ABC News:
Microsoft at Keynote: We're Redefining Entertainment

Hackers certainly entertained

From BBC:
Two men 'tortured' at restaurant
Forced to eat entire box of Chicken McNuggets

From BBC:
Kennedy admits battling alcohol
Entire UK shocked to discover a Scotsman who drinks

From BBC:
Man held over escalator attack
Escalator expected to recover

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