Sunday, January 1, 2006

Entering Another Dimension

I like the Twilight Zone. And the Outer Limits. And lots of those old, scary shows.

Oh, they aren't scary now. But they were back then.

Anyway, on New Year's Day, the SciFi Channel runs a Twilight Zone marathon. And I like to leave the TV on so that when nothing else is going on, I can see one of my favorites.

The Wife isn't exactly thrilled by it. But she tolerates it.

She likes Monk, and USA ran a Monk marathon. I like Monk, too. And Discovery ran a Mythbusters marathon. I like Mythbusters. She doesn't. Most of the time.

But Sunday night, Mythbusters did an episode where they determined if a truck got better milage with the tailgate up or down.* And she wanted to see that. Surprise number one. So we watched it.

She didn't want to see the rest of the episode since it was about being seasick. She doesn't like TV vomit, and isn't too keen on it in real life, either. So, since the remote just happened to be near me, I changed the channel over to Twilight Zone.

It was the episode about the old lady getting phone calls but only a ghostly voice is on the line.* While I had heard of that episode, I had never seen it. But the Wife had.

Her seeing a Twilight Zone episode that I haven't seen is quite unusual. And quite unlikely. Highly improbable. The third most improbable event in the world.*

She was so happy. She said I ought to blog about it. And I know that it's always best to keep her happy.


  1. Sounds like a twilight zone episode right there, Basil. Man makes wife happy... If only Rod Serling were still alive...

  2. I reject your reality and substitute my own.

  3. I saw a neat Charles Bronson-Elizabeth Montgomery episode of TWILIGHT ZONE.
    Missus and I prefer NFL games. She never watched sports till she married me. You gotta train 'em right :)

  4. I watched one Mythbusters episode about the shark in JAWS; I watched one Twilight Zone episode about the mean little Billy Mumy. But mostly I watched MONK. I like MONK. So does my hubby. WHAT?! A tv program we BOTH like?!
    WE are the ones in the Twilight Zone!
    Do do do do, do do do do....

  5. SeanS, Poca Dot: I'm glad you said that and not I.

    bRight & Early: Quack, damn you!

    Big Sis: I'm shocked. And stunned.

  6. I was watching the marathon too, great stuff. They don't make shows like that anymore.


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