Friday, January 13, 2006

Headline News 01-13-2006

From CNN:
Bush sees 'dramatic' change on Gulf Coast
Administration plans to cause more hurricanes, blow up levees

From CNN:
Hajj police: Crush not our fault
Bush blamed

From CNN:
U.S. blocks Spain warplanes sale
Because we can

From KERO:
Sikhs meet to discuss pig heads at temple
Other topics were already covered

From WDIV:
No food at pool, breastfeeding mom told
Also not to be used as a flotation device

From KPRC:
Student says he was forced to strip
Pole dance was optional

From CNN:
Best man torches groom's house
Action may drop him to fourth- or fifth-best man

From CNN:
Report: Millions of descended from 4 women
Spokesman for the four women say they are exhausted, need a break

From CNN:
Opera great dies at 87
Fat lady sings

From CNN:
Pilots warned of Alaskan volcano eruption
Pilots thankful, would not have avoided large mountain spewing rock and smoke

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  1. [...] I’m not going to start doing a headline satire thing because there are too many people already doing it entirely too well(althought that didn’t stop me from stealing the picture post stuff from WuzzaDem). Check out Basil or Bloggin Out Loud. But this one was just too much. Seriously. [...]


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