Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Squeaking Beds and Wrestling

White Trash Wednesdays

Been trying to talk to Basil about his sister who got runned over the other day. And yesterday morning, I called and spoke with Mimi (his wife), but she wouldn't talk to me. She said she needed to use the phone.

I was thinking she didn't like me or something. Maybe so. Anyhow, I found out later that she was gonna call in to that morning radio show she listens to. Basil listens to John-boy and Billy on that rockin roll station, but she's got her radio on Wild Bill McKubby on Kissin' Country 99.3 FM. That's my kind of music.

And what she was mad at me about was I kept her from calling in to the contest they had on the radio station. Seems that Wild Bill was having folks call in for their "squeekiest bed" contest.

Yep. They wanted folks to call in and let him listen to their squeeky beds. And he was putting it on the radio.

That's my kind of radio station contest.

But here's the kicker. The winner got tickets to the wrestling show in Columbus!

That's my kind of radio station!

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