Friday, January 6, 2006

Headline News 01-06-2006

From ABC News:
Zawahri Touts U.S. Troop Cuts in Iraq
One more issue where Zawahri agrees with Democrats

From ABC News:
Colorado Man Finds Condom in Filbert Nut
Not first time condom in vicinity nuts

From ABC News:
Artist Arrested for Vandalizing Urinal
Charged with urinating on it

From ABC News:
Bode Miller: Skiing Drunk 'Not Easy'
Sonny Bono agrees

From ABC News:
Egypt paper: Syria's Assad slams ex-deputy Khaddam
Retains title, will defend against Triple-H at Wrestlemania

From ABC News:
Gay kiss in pool causes stir in Mexico
Urinating in pool still OK

From ABC News:
British Pol's Alcoholism Admission Unusual
Most not sober long enough to admit problem

From ABC News:
Barry Cowsill, missing since Katrina, found dead
Cause of death: "The Rain, the Park and Other Things"

From ABC News:
Murtha Denies Causing Recruitment Woes
Also denies sun rises in east, water wet

From BBC:
Bush shrugs off weak US jobs data
Jobs to be top priority on January 20, 2009


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  2. Murtha's Mess...

    Rep. Murtha purposefully misrepresented what was stated for political gain and knowing full well that most Americans would simply hear the 'can't win' part without knowing the full context and how, in fact, the US is winning because the terrorists c...

  3. Litigation's Toll...

    "The T in Turnpike, means trucks"
    Jingle for Turnpike Ford, Marmet, W.Va.
    Maybe now the T means Tort because 12 companies are suing a state agency over the 60% increase in tolls along Interstate 77, dba the West Virginia Turnpike....

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