Monday, January 30, 2006

Headline News 2006-01-30

From ABC News:
Dominatrix Acquitted in Bondage Death
Jury didn't want to be "naughty, need to be punished"

From ABC News:
Man Signs Voter Registration As 'God'
Voted Republican

From ABC News:
Radar Little Help in Border Tunnel Hunt
Klinger to try tomorrow

From ABC News:
Alito Would Create Catholic Majority on Top Court
Pope's secret plan to take over the U.S. nearly complete

From ABC News:
Kraft Foods to Eliminate 8,000 Jobs
Li'l Oscar, Mr Peanut among those laid off

From ABC News:
Is Porn a Growing or Shrinking Business?
Grows again about 15-20 minutes after it shrinks

From ABC News:
Annoying Online Posts Could Be Illegal
However, we expect to make bail

From ABC News:
Are You Bloated? It Could Be a Symptom of a Serious Disease
PMS classified as "serious disease"

From ABC News:
Tom Cruise front-runner for worst acting award
Critics shocked to discover during Oprah, Today Show appearances, he wasn't acting

From Washington Post:
African American Museum to Be Built on Mall
Next to Chick-Fil-A

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