Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Headline News 01-10-2006

From CNN:
Mummified body found in front of TV
Has been watching Gilligan's Island since 1966

From CNN:
Apple unveils new Intel-based Macs
Designed to crash three times a day

From CNN:
Astronomers: Milky Way is warped
Earth explained

From CNN:
Judge seeks end of witchcraft curbs
Witches must park in garage

From CNN:
Trinidad probes mass deaths of chickens
Col. Harland Sanders is chief suspect

From WEWS:
Trial begins for 'Oprah' fugitive
Steadman captured

From CNN:
Alito promises to respect precedents

Added: "If tell you what you want to hear, will you leave me alone?"

From CNN:
Alito questioned about abortion

Said he was young and made mistakes, plus offered to marry the girl

From CNN:
EW review: Bice's 'Thing' is mediocre
Bice responds: "It's not the size, it's how you use it"

From CNN:
More senior skiers hitting the slopes
Hard. And breaking hips.

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