Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sticks of From Chaos to Serendipity

Today's interview is with Sticks of From Chaos to Serendipity...

The panel is ready...

Now, the first question...

"Sticks"?... That's an odd name for a girl... What made you choose it?

Where did the name come from?

That 1 Guy
Why the moniker "Sticks"?

Shhhhhhh! It's a secret. I'll tell but you have to promise not to tell anyone else. I belong to the SOGS, Secret Order of Geometric Shapes. I am a line and Sticks is my secret name. There is only one other soggie right now. An Octagon named Sidey. I won't reveal her identity, but I'll give a hint. She could be mistaken for a VW Bug. We are accepting applications for new members if anyone is interested.

Yes, I'm serious. I'm not sure how it started but it was a long, long time ago in high school. We decided we were geometric shapes. I was a line since at that time I was nothing more than a stick figure. I weighed around 100 lbs when I graduated. Someone called me Sticks one day and it Stuck.


What is your favorite curse word?

I don't have a favorite. They just sort of slip out.


Did you ever do something totally fun that was legal? illegal?

Me, a member of the bad example family do something illegal? I plead the 5th. But if I ever had, it would have been a lot of fun.


That 1 Guy
Do you know where I put my original list of questions for you?

Evil Glenn must have stolen them.


Do you prefer your chocolate with or without nuts, and why?

Oh, yes with nuts and whipped cream.


In life there are often things people refer to as 'thin spots', sort of like in the Matrix when Neo gets the feeling "something isn't quite right with the world". We all have had 'thin spots' in our life and they have often helped to shape ourselves, our lives, and even the world on the rare occasion. What is your most memorable 'thin spot'?

Oh, a serious and personal question here. My "thin" spot came when my step-father denied molesting the little girl next door. I had to make a decision to live in silence or speak up. I held her hand during her trial and my case sent him to prison. I didn't speak up in time to keep him from hurting her but maybe because of her courage we kept someone else from being hurt.


Do you want to run for President? Why or why not?

It's all I can do to manage and run my own life. I do not want responsibility for more than that.


what is your least favorite chore around the house?

Matching up socks. I hate it. So I throw them in a basket where evidently if they are not matched up they mate. Because they seem to multiply like rabbits.


Have you accomplished your New Year's Resolution to procrastinate yet?

I'll answer that question later.


That 1 Guy
If your taste in music actually had a taste, what flavor would it be?

Interesting question. After a lot of thought, I came up with keylime pie. My two loves are country music and island/caribean/Jimmy Buffet style music. The sweet/tartness of keylime seems to describe the bittersweet of country and the tang and exoticness of the islands.


What is your favorite cartoon and why?

Zits is my favorite comic. I have three teenager boys so that strip IS my life.


What's your favorite movie of all time?

Out of Africa.


what is your most embarrassing moment?

What, tell you and embarrass myself all over again. I don't think so.


What is your favorite song?

"Peanut sat on a railroad track. His heart was all a flutter. Along came a train. Toot! Toot! Peanut Butter!" This is my favorite. My dad and I would sing this while riding in the car when I was little. It brings back smiles. That song and one about a boy and girl riding in the backseat of a car. I only remember bits and pieces of that song. It was silly and the corous said "fly butterfly, fly".


Did you teach your boys about sex or did they know it all already?

Between school, movies, and the internet, parents don't have to have this talk anymore. But, they are like armchair quarterbacks. They can tell you everything to do, but they aren't participating.


Lingerie - indisposable clothing item to make you feel sexy, or just a waste of money that winds up in a pile on the floor within 30 seconds?

Lingerie is a must. And if it is arranged right, not everything has to end up on the floor.


That 1 Guy
Of the whole Bad Example family, who's your absolute favorite?


That 1 Guy
Okay, who would be your favorite that doesn't comment nearly enough?


That 1 Guy
That's a Marine?


That 1 Guy
Who thinks he's wise when drunk?

Oh, that's alcohol induced intelligence? :( Oh, just crush me. I was looking up to your brillance and taking notes. *makes note--"need new role model"


Do you believe in love at first sight?

I used to. But, it was an illusion. Physical attraction is a must. But, love comes with time. There has to be mutual respect and trust. If you don't have these the attraction will fade.


How do you keep your sanity with 3 boys?

What sanity? I lost that a long time ago. My boys think I am nuts, that's what keeps them in line. They never know what might send mom off the edge.


What's the best thing about blogging?

The people who let me glimpse into their lives.

When I have a rough day and need a laugh, I know I can find something to laugh at. When I feel sorry for myself, I know I can find someone who makes my troubles look minimal and this keeps my life in perspective.

Thanks to sticks for the interview. Again, we had some fun ... and we learned some things. It was great!

Next week, we have two promising interviews: Vince Aut Morire ... and Pamela from Atlas Shrugs. You won't want to miss those!


  1. Interview Time...

    It's my 15 seconds of fame. My very first interview. Basil did a wonderful job....


    Short answer, my bloggranddaugter who runs From Chaos to Serendipity. Long answer - available in the interview at Basil's Blog Out-of-context medium-sized answer: "soggie right now" "I plead the 5th" "multiply like rabbits" "the tang and exotic...


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