Thursday, January 12, 2006


Ever since the Wife started her new job, we car-pool.

Her new position is just a few blocks from where I work, and since our schedules are the same, we save gas (which saves money) by taking turns driving.

This week is my week to drive. But yesterday, I didn't drive. The Wife had to pick some stuff up and we needed to take the truck. She drives the truck. So, she drove.

Which was all well and good except that I forgot I had an afternoon meeting at another building in Columbus. Not normally what I'd call walking distance, either.

But, since she had the truck, and since it was a nice day, I decided to walk.

I don't walk downtown much. Nobody does. Except folks pushing shopping carts and wearing 4 sets of clothing.

But, Thursday, I decided to walk.

I've occasionally walked short distances in Columbus. Not often, but on occasion. But not normally more than a block or two at the most. But Thursday, was a little further than a block.

From my desk to the desk of the person I was meeting took me 25 minutes. Actually 25½ minutes. So, I got some exercise. I need it.

Anyway, walking in Columbus wasn't a bad walk. I encoutered only a handful of people, all but one looking like people walking somewhere. As opposed to spending the day sitting or rummaging through garbage cans.

Most, like I said, looked like there were going somewhere. I was the only one wearing a tie, but most others were dressed business casual. Which seemed to me like they were walking because they wanted to.

Is it that the other people out walking were not lazy? Was it that they saw a pretty day, had enough time, and decided a healthy walk was in order?

If I had a car Thursday, I would have driven. I'd have been lazy and sat in the air conditioning and waited in traffic.

I'd have been wrong.

Next time I have a meeting scheduled in another building downtown, I think I'll walk.

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