Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Headline News 01-25-2006

From CNN:
Actor Chris Penn found dead
Bush blamed

From CNN:
Pinochet's oldest daughter held in U.S.
Likes to cuddle

From KERO:
Local Church Members Try To Turn Porn Stars To Christianity
Reasons "They already know how to cry 'Oh! God!'"

From WLKY:
Marshals: Inmate let out to donate organ flees
Still has kidney, but no heart

From WPLG:
Student says Joe Pesci punched him
Said Pesci 'was funny, like a clown'

From KPRC:
Dog causes three-car crash
Will lose driver's license

From KETV:
Woman comes home to find dog beaten
Cat held for questioning

From CNN:
Georgia closer to requiring photo ID to vote
Democrats to counter by issuing IDs to corpses

From CNN:
'Panda porn' to encourage mating
Jenna Jameson signs deal with National Geographic channel

From CNN:
Kids' heart repairs might not last lifetime
Study clarifies: "If, however, by 'lifetime' you mean until the end of a life, then, yes, it will last a lifetime'"


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