Friday, January 27, 2006

Headline News 2006-01-27

From CNN:
Iran to provide emergency gas to Georgia
Waycross residents ready for cold weather

From CNN:
Colombia breaks al Qaeda-linked passport ring
Using ring, find code reads "besuretodrinkyourovaltine"

From CNN:
German hostages on al Jazeera
New reality show "Survior: Baghdad"

From CNN:
Poll: Majority think Bush is failing
Not expected to win a third term

From CNN:
Fossil hunters make rare find in basement
Mrs. Bates located

From AP/Macon Telegraph:
Miffed wife reportedly snips hubby's penis
Man tells authorities he woke up when he felt a little prick

From AP/AZCentral:
Man's hiccup-cure idea for nephew turns deadly

The good news is, the hiccups stopped

From WFAA:
Debate Heats Up After Alleged Roach Sandwich
New KFC menu offers roaches in original and extra-crispy

From Biloxi Sun-Herald:
Jail Inmate Escapes, but Falls Down Hill
Jack recaptured, Jill still at large

From ABC News:
Woman Accused of Driving Bloodmobile Drunk
Countess Dracula held without bond


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