Monday, January 2, 2006

New Year's TV

I wrote earlier about watching the Monk, Mythbusters, and Twilight Zone marathons on New Year's Day. Both the Wife and I had January 2nd off. And since we're lazy, we just sat around most of the morning. Okay, the entire morning.

Anyway, after she watched Discovery Channel's "A Haunting In Georgia" (the events supposedly took place near here), I found the remote (which just happened to be in reach) and started surfing. We found a Jackie Chan movie, Project A2, that was funny. Not necessarily the plot or silly "bad Chinese movie" acting, but because of the voices that were dubbed. When, early in the film, Jackie Chan's character (Dragon Mao) was taken to police headquarters, all of the police officials had heavy British accents. Just like in a Sherlock Holmes movie.

As soon as we heard the voice of Dr. Watson coming from the mouth of a Chinese police officer, the Wife and I looked at each other and laughed. I don't remember anything else about the movie. Except for the Wife asking me "Did he get the book back when he was in the chicken tumbler?"

You don't hear that question that much these days.

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