Thursday, January 26, 2006

Headline News 01-26-2006

From CNN:
'Little Old Lady Killer' suspect is former pro wrestler
Attorney: Was practicing for Texas Death Match with Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania

From CNN:
School named after Johnnie Cochran
'Take Money To Help Rich Killers Elude Justice' Elementary School to open this Fall

From CNN:
Five women prisoners freed in Iraq
Can go back to raising tomorrow's terrorists

From WRAL:
$20 Million worth of cocaine seized
Marion Barry vacations in North Carolina

From KSAT:
Toddler hospitalized with cocaine overdose
Marion Barry's baby-sitting service hits snag

From CNN:
Clinton: Bush explanation on spying 'far-fetched'
Adds: "And if anyone knows 'far-fetched' explanations, it's me."

From CNN:
Source: sold for $12 million
Still available:,

From CNN:
Scientists discover world's smallest fish
Caught with world's smallest bait

From CNN:
Oprah to author: 'I really feel duped'
Adds: 'Now I know how men who are talked into watching my show feel'

From CNN:
Male student wins fight to wear skirt
Voted "Most Likely To Get His Butt Kicked Before The End Of The Year"

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