Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Headline News 2006-01-31

From ABC News:
Maya Angelou Remembers Coretta Scott King
"She was the lady from Georgia, right?"

From ABC News:
Rumsfeld Fires Back at Critics
Aim getting better, hits Woodruff

From ABC News:
Liberal Groups Start Campaigning Against 'Culture of Corruption'
Will shut self down in three months

From ABC News:
Putin's salty tongue spices up Moscow politics
Not yet explained why it tastes salty

From ABC News:
Hilton profit up 62 percent on room rate hikes
Paris now charging by the hour

From ABC News:
NASA Spacecraft Put in Hibernation Mode
Will be awakened when returns to earth overrun by monkeys

From ABC News:
Archaeologists Find 10,000-Year-Old Site
Instapundit been around longer than first realized

From ABC News:
Olympian Dreams Deaf Son Hears Cheers
Better than last dream, standing naked in crowded street

From ABC News:
Sundance Film Festival Gears Up to Showcase the 'Next Big Thing'
"Brock Lesnar Story" to be released next month

From ABC News:
'Walk the Line' Snubbed for 'Best Picture'
Producers: Should have left in sex scene between Cash, Statler Brothers

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