Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pamela of Atlas Shrugs

Today's interview is with another one of my favorites: Pamela from Atlas Shrugged...

Our panel is ready with the questions...

Now, the first question...

What does "Atlas Shrugs" mean to you?

The obvious is the novel Atlas Shrugged, which is the manifesto I've lived by even before I read it. . But for the uninitiated....the visual says it the cybertime of the sphere you gotta get your point across a/s/a/p - so imagine Atlas Shrugging. That visual says it all eh?


How do you plan to wow the Blogging world next (besides posting more
pictures of yourself!)

Fuck that.....I dont wow anyone..........the truth does.


Coffee or tea?

Green tea, but I do dig a hard ass cuppa of Dunkin Donuts Java.


Do you fit into the true definiton of "JAP."

Perjorative nonsense, oh and btw no I am not Asian......

Besides, JAPS don't blog, might chip a nail!


In your opinion, what is the most annoying thing Democrats are known to do?

lie, cheat and steal. But I guess the most cloying tactic is accusing the Right of crimes that the Left is guilty of. This is their MO


Ask Pamela how she is handling her increasing notoriety.

Uh, okay. How are you handling your increasing notoriety?

Uh, what notoriety? Who cares? I am doing this so that all the thumbsuckers can continue to suck.


mike schomburg
Atlas: You know that we adore you! Tells us how it feels to be the sexiest blogger alive!

Very cool indeed. CRAY to the ZEE SEXY COOL.........can you dig it?


Great reading fan of yours (one of my favorite 3 blogs) but have never committed to commenting or registering.

Why not?

I am a Canadian Expat working in Yemen so I know exactly what you are trying to inform your readers about. Funny thing is most of the Yemeni I work with would give anything to emigrate to the West despite their often "we can teach you about goodness and spiritual" preaching. It's so obviously contradictory - the very essence of what they preach has kept them in the squalor they will forever be a slave to. Much like your Democrats (and Canada's Liberals) they know the truth but aren't ready to expose themselves as though it would be some kind of weakness to strive for what is truly a better lot in life. It's like an alcoholic using hard liquor as an antidote for a cure. How about an expose' on this phenomena - not sure but maybe your readers can give anecdotes - it would at the very least be an amazing collection of the unexplainable!

Courage of your convictions!

What's the fucking question? Not sure so I'll go off on this rant.
America is the country of individual rights.

A man's love for his country is a reflection of an approval of its basic premises, principles and social system, as well as it's culture---it's the common bond among men of that nation. It is a commonly understood culture, and an affection for it, that permits a society of men to live together peacefully. Channelling Rand here but the blogosphere is exemplar of this

Here is mine. I work with an attractive Iranian women who is a geologist and by nature very pleasant and 'Western" She loves the US (been many times) and does not practice the daily call to prayer or observe fasting during Ramadan. Lives in Teheran and does travel. I was shocked one day when we were talking and she threw this at me. OsamaBL is actually a CIA spy and he an GWB put together the whole 9/11 thing so GW had an excuse to go and kill Arabs..and..Iran is a far more democratic country than the US. Wheeeew...I didn't know what to say. One moment she's this attractive, seemingly intelligent, "westernized' well traveled Iranian women and the next ugly, stupid, brainwashed, carrier of venom. I couldn't get away fast enough and now stay as far away as I can.

Stay away, she is dishonest in her epistomology. A full of shitnik.-.......but you know that. But she's pretty so you can't help yourself. Sleep with her if you must, but do not invest your heart or soul in such nonsense. But I sense you hve too much self esteem to aste your time with such dishonesty. You ran away because you are rational.

This is what you're up against and I think you would do well to explore this and perhaps decide if there is any hope for changing this type of thinking

There is no "thinking" in any of what you've outlined here. "Feel" vs. Reason. Intelledtual dishonsty.

Keep up the excellent AtlasShrugs!


What can we expect to hear from you at the Bloggingman 2007?

Truth, justice and the American way. Scary stuff eh?


Do you feel that Iran has a double-blind strategy- get Syria, No. Korea, and Palestine to act up to buy Iran time- then bring out "Crazy Ahmadenijad" and the spectre of Iranian nuclear proliferation- stage riots in Paris (as reconnaisance)- all to mask THE IMPENDING SEIZURE OF FRANCE AND HER NUCLEAR ARSENAL

Iran is a monstrous aggressor whose first aggression is against their own people. The only thing that would stop them from starting a nuclear war is America . Iran operates by proxy. Syria is the organ grinder's is Hizbollah, Hamas, and all the other Iranian financed barbarians. Iran declared war on America back in 1979. Little did we know we had a spineless, dickless, woman in the White House at the time


When will we win the war on terror?

When we accept the fact we are indeed at war.


Do you ever wear your Superwoman outfit in public?

Only when I am in no. Maybe if i could find a phone booth............


Not a question but a comment. I have been reading Pamela's blog for a year and I personally think she is terrific. She has the intellectual know-how and the guts to call a spade a spade. Her enthusiasm is boundless. I share with her the feeling she has about the Jews and Israel. I don't trust the Iranians or anyone else that is a Jew hater. Atlas Shrugs is my first stop on the net in the morning. My wishes for a terrific second year!

I love you! The hatred if Irsrael is one that is reviled by good rational men.The Arabs are the least developed culutures. Nomads. Their culture is primitive and barbaric and they hate Israel because it is the sole beacon of modern science and civilzation and technology on their continent.Rand said when you have civilizwd men fighting savages you support the civilized men no matter what.


Favorite euphemism or epithet for Ted Kennedy?



Is there an event that happened that made you realize you needed to take yourself more seriously?

I was born


Is there an event that happened that made you made you think you took yourself too seriously?

this interview?


Have you ever seen Ted Kennedy do it?

yeah, in a small boat off the French Riviera, still gives me nightmares. Do you remember a few years back, when Splash was caught by the paparazzi off the Saint Tropez coast en flagrante, coitus interruptus, on a small boat......his ginormous ass flying, belly flopping.........let me tell was one for the books. I think the femme underneath him got sucked into one of his belly folds

Was he drunk at the time?

uh, was he ever not drunk?


If you could attend BloggingMan 2007 with any blogger who would it be?

Great questiion, it would have to be Basil

If you could attend BloggingMan 2007 with any person in history, who would it be?



Are you an "out of the closet" blogger?

One leg in, one leg out.


Is it really true that you had your photograph taken with Evil Glenn with your hand or thumb in a compromising position?



So. What are you wearing?

eau de italia


What's the most fun you've had with your clothes on?

Blogging of course!


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  2. Blog Browsing...

    mark in mexico is full of useless-but-entertaining information. basils blog has another blogger interview up--this one is with Atlas Shrugs. Mr. Behi blogs from Iran. Say a prayer for the many Iranians who have little voice in the way they...

  3. Great interview! Atlas Shrugs is one of my favorite blogs. :) Hugs to Pamela and Basil


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