Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Headline News 01-18-2006

From ABC News:
High Court Skirts Abortion Issue
Ginsberg, O'Connor past finally catches up with them

From ABC News:
Face Transplant Patient Smokes Again
Brain transplant failed

From ABC News:
Clarkson Won't Let 'Idol' Use Her Songs
Spokesman: "What did 'American Idol' ever do for her?"

From ABC News:
Woman Poses Naked on Car at Auto Show
Charged with public farfegnugen

From ABC News:
Hamster, Snake Best Friends at Tokyo Zoo
Richard Gere jealous

From Houston Chronicle:
Disputed Study: Rape Rare in Prisons
But worth the wait

From Chicago Sun-Times:
Name change should stop the snickers
Milky Way to continue

From Reuters:
TV in the bedroom halves your sex life - study
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
9 Years for Wendy's Finger Fraud
One for each remaining finger

From ABC News:
Spreading the Gospel Through Pro Wrestling
Austin 3:16 cited as most popular verse

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