Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Some Notes

First, unlike I did to my sister back on the 27th, I didn't announce on the blog yesterday that it was the Wife's birthday. I told her I wouldn't mention it yesterday, and I didn't. But I said nothing about today.

The grandchildren came over and were hiding (along with their mothers) in the house when we got in from supper last night. They did the black balloons and black icing on the cake and everything. While the Wife didn't exactly enjoy all that, she got a kick about what the black icing did to their tounges and mouths.

Next, we're back to full schedule on the Blog Interviews. On Saturday, we'll have Bloodspite of Techography and on Sunday, it's Greta from Hooah Wife. And the following week, we'll have our first "couples" weekend.

Third, I've got questions about Headline News and the mealtime posts. Well, we'll continue doing the Headline News on Monday through Friday, but probably not on weekends. The Wife's schedule has changed and now we both have weekends off. It's been years since we've both had weekends off, so I'm not doing lots of blogging on weekends. Still the items from the blogroll on the weekends, but probably not Headline News.

Mealtime posts will probably be only one a day for a bit. Remember when I said the Wife's shift change means we have more time? Well, it's not only the same days, it's the same hours. She's now only about four blocks away, so we ride together. Previously, she wasn't home when I got in from work, and I had a few hours. Now, we get to be together more at home. So, I won't be doing as much scanning the blogroll. So, I'll still be doing a blogroll post a day, but probably not more than one. At least until I get into a new routine.

Finally, last Christmas vacation, I spent the entire time sick. Not so this year. But I've been fighting something this week. Taking Zicam and such. We had planned on going to see Grandma last weekend, but with this cold coming on, and her being 92, I didn't want to risk giving her a cold. So, if I'm better this weekend, we want to go see her.

Oh, one other thing. Greta from Hooah Wife is interviewing me. She's already sent the questions and I'm working on the answers. I expect to get them back to her later this morning. She'll be disappointed.

UPDATE: Somebody said there was a football game or something last night. Did you hear about that? And why is Rose Bowl now using Yellow Roses? I don't get it. :)

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