Monday, January 16, 2006

Perverts, Perverts Everywhere And Not A Brain To Think

Hey, anyone want to have fun with a pervert?

Yeah, I got one lurking around here. So, if anyone wants to have fun with them, knock yourself out. After all, he's asked for it. No really. He did.

Here's the e-mail he sent me (language, spelling, other illiteracy warnings):
Hey i read ur post on ur stupid ass blog on preteens and pervs and all that dumb shit. I thought it was funny because u said u could figure out my ip address. First of all why dont you tell me what my ip address is? then why dont you tell me what ur stupid prick ass is gonna do with it. Why dont you track me down? Come on come over to my house. When you show up at my doorstep ill take a mother fucking baseball bat to your head. then what are you gonna do bitch? Ur dumb ass threats mean nothing. The truth is you cant do shit with my ip address. You can barely program html. Your a real dumbshit. I look forward to a reply to this so i can see how fucking stupid you really are. Why dont u say something to me bitch or better yet tell the dumbfucks on your site and give em my e-mail so i can tell em how stupid they really are.

The post to which he was referring can be found here. And he found that post because of this Google search. Anyway, I e-mailed him back:

I've only been to Nevada a couple of times myself. It's a little warmer out there than here in the southeast.

Then I thought to add:
And have you thought about Firefox? I've found it much more stable than Internet Explorer 6. But running Windows XP with Service Pack 2, like you're doing, does certainly help things.

Happy surfing.

Then finally, I added:
Also, unless you need the extra colors for gaming or such, you can save memory resources by using a lower color resolution. For standard Web surfing, 16-bit colors works just fine and saves resources, which can be critical on Windows XP.

Just my experience.

He wrote back:
alright pal so u can get my state my ip and my web browser. still of all those things your missing the vitals. you have no idea exactly where i live for one. another you dont know any other specs about me or my computer than that. Clearly your threats are empty. can you tell me my gfx card or my memory or hard drive space? no. all you can tell me is things people that have probably never seen my computer in their lives could tell me. let me know if u know anything significant about me or my computer.
btw i like internet explorer six better than firefox. and i prefer 32 bit graphics. i mean. if u can run it with no problems why not?

Then I wrote him back:
My only "threat" was to notify the ISP (in your case, Cox Communications) of your search and your emails.

Any further questions should be directed to your ISP.

So, if you want to play with the pervert, who's from near Las Vegas by the way, have fun.

Remember where he wrote:
Why dont u say something to me bitch or better yet tell the dumbfucks on your site and give em my e-mail so i can tell em how stupid they really are.

Well, his e-mail address is, in case you want to take him up on his offer.

If you do, let me know how it goes. But be nice. We want him to stay in school long enough to understand the reference of the title of this post, after all. We want him to get through high school before he begins a career asking if you'd like fries with that.


  1. Ahhh im alten Land, das wir weg von den Testikeln von Perverts hacken würden. Leben lang die Mittellinienenergien!

  2. Before he's had a chance to use them? Perhaps it would be best to "nip it in the bud."

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  4. You know, I had an issue with a real sicko awhile back, that almost made me rethink this whole blogging thing. You would not believe the search hits I get. Or maybe you would...

  5. I get people looking to steal a game called "7 Sins" all the time. The Internet is a powerful force, but it can be (and is) used for evil.

  6. Any search for "Phat" anything now eventually leads to my blog. It's amazing what people want to find "phat".

  7. Why don't you really scare him, Basil - let him know you're going to call his parents and let them know he uses the "f" word in email. I know that puts most pre-teens on the run.

  8. When it comes to the searches that lead people to my site, I'm constantly amazed by:

    The disgusting things people are looking for.

    The way people enter search strings as though they're talking to someone, as opposed to using keywords. This moron's search combined both.

  9. Gee Basil, that's what brought me here.

    Or was that intellegent commentary... I can never remember...


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