Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Headline News 01-24-2006

From ABC News:
UPN, WB to Form New Network
Now only one channel to skip instead of two

From ABC News:
Bat Love Life: Size Does Matter
Robin tells all

From ABC News:
Is Dog and Cat Fur Being Used in Coats?
Disney sues for royalties on behalf of Cruella de Ville

From ABC News:
Six die in Brazil prison riot, 2 held hostage
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
McDonald's posts higher net, plans 800 new outlets
Ford factory workers plight improves

From ABC News:
AOL Music launches gay music site
Spokesman: "Since most of our content is totally gay, it fit"

From KGTV:
Wrongly-convicted man claims conspiracy
Karl Rove blamed

From KMBC:
Sheriff shuts down barn strip club
Cow strippers to find work elsewhere

From KMGH:
Another federal agent's ID, gun stolen
Jack Bauer's life gets more difficult

From CNN:
O'Connor breaks what may be her last 4-4 tie
Alito ready to start overturning Constitution

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