Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Headline News 01-03-2006

From ABC News:
Rescue Work Halted at German Ice Rink
Snoopy, Woodstock feared dead

From ABC News:
Oklahomans at the Mercy of the Weather
Sooner State now like other 49 states

From ABC News:
Israel's Sonic Booms Terrifies Gaza Children
Gaza children now like children in every other part of the world

From ABC News:
White House Says Web Site Counts Visitors
Whitehouse.gov now like every other Web site in the world

From ABC News:
Iran says will resume atomic work
Bush offers to airdrop bombs for Iran to examine

From ABC News:
Yellow Roadway Becomes YRC Worldwide Inc.
Land of Oz incorporates

From CNN:
California declares state of emergency
Realized Schwartzenegger was still governor

From CNN:
Remember the Betamax
Rumsfeld new battle cry yet to catch on

From WTAE:
Woman dies after fall from window
Eric Clapton to hire new babysitter

From WRAL:
Murder suspect dead in suspected suicide
Suicide ruled justifiable, no charges to be filed


  1. The Truth About Iran...

    Basil posts: Iran will resume atomic work...The MSM is adding a lot of drama here, almost like war building..The leader of Iran is an Idiot, but his facility is tiny and insignificant. Visit the lab yourself...This is about (NPT) protocol, not an em.....

  2. A Lighter Post...

    On some lighter notes:


    Andrea has a post up in the latest Story Blogging Carnival and I've got one at Carnival of the Clueless. The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Why Homeschool? (no posts from me, but maybe next time.)


  3. Tuesday...

    Top One List: Top One Amazing Fact About the Cat That Phoned 911 to Save His Master's Life Peace Moonbeam: A Peace Moonbeam Christmas Point Five: Microsoft Vulnerability Via Infected Images Threatens Window OS [With Patch] Daily Chuckle: Hello,......

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