Monday, January 23, 2006

Headline News 01-23-2006

From ABC News:
Bush to Take Unscripted Audience Questions
Answers to still be scripted

From ABC News:
Woman Claims Sundae Tainted With Blood
McDonald's to stop offering "Lil' Dracula" Happy Meal

From ABC News:
Animal Rights Activists Stage Nude Protest
Really ugly activists not winning support

From ABC News:
Runaway Camel Survives Bumpy Ride
New Six Flags Riyad opens to mixed reviews

From ABC News:
Suspected Robber Leaves His Name, Address
County to replace name with number, provide new address

From The Tampa Tribune:
Woman Sentenced for Setting Man on Fire
Misunderstood man's desire for 'hot sex'

From BBC:
Drunken students posted hamster
Richard Gere thankful to have it back, will not press charges

From AFP/News24:
Trapped woman rescued from chimney
Charged with stalking Santa Claus

From The Local:
Kidnapped gnomes found in snowy forest
To be returned to underpants factory

From ABC News:
John Kerry Bashes Bush Wiretaps, Talks of 2008
GOP to finance Kerry campaign

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