Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Later this morning, the Wife and I are heading out for a few days. And we're going to make the most of it.

Thursday night, we're in Tennessee for our niece's high school graduation. It'll be great seeing her ... and her older sister (another niece) who has a cute little baby.

Friday, since we'll be close enough to Nashville, we're going to the Grand Ole Opry that night. The Wife will enjoy that, as will the niece. I'll deal with it.

Saturday, we're heading back ... but taking a detour. You know I'm a baseball fan. You did know that, didn't you? Of course you did. And the Wife and I attend many of the Columbus Catfish games. Well, many of the player we saw play in Columbus in 2004 ... and in 2003 (when they were still called the South Georgia Waves) ... are now playing with the Jacksonville Suns. And Saturday, we're going to watch the Suns play the Huntsville Stars.

And ... here's the kicker ... we're going to go to the game with Carol of Alabama Improper ... and her kids. That should be fun. We're really looking forward to that.

Finally, on Sunday we're heading back home ... but stopping in Montgomery. For another baseball game. The Suns are playing the Montgomery Biscuits (yes, that's the name of the team) ... and we've got tickets!

We're excited about how things are working out. With some schedule issues the Wife and I have this summer, we might not have a chance to take much time off together ... so this might be our vacation ... or a good chuck of it. So, we're making the most of it.

"What about this little blog?" you ask. Go ahead. Ask.

I'm glad you asked.

You'll be in good hands. A couple of bloggers have agreed to share their talents here between now and Monday morning.

  • Phin, who's guest-blogged before. He's a blast ... and will be a treat. At least, he will between diaper changes. The baby's, not his. Phin doesn't change his diapers.

  • Don Surber, who's also guest-blogged here before. I'm looking forward to seeing what trouble he starts.

  • Agent Bedhead, who'll be making her debut here. Of course, it's taken us a while to get prepared for that! Still, she's cute as a button.

Because everyone's so busy with their own blogs ... and their jobs ... and their real life ... I'm absolutely honored that they are making the time to help out here.

It's great having friends like that. Everyone should be so lucky.


  1. Phin doesn't change his diapers? I wondered what that funny smell was when we first met him in Vegas. ;-)

  2. As you return - the quote should be - "Good time had by all!" Work on the "rest thang!"

  3. You get to hang with 'Bama... cool. Have fun.

  4. Oh man, I wish I had known, you guys will be about 40 miles from me (when you're in Montgomery).

  5. ... have fun in Tennessee.... Nashville is a pretty cool town...

  6. sure to check out the Nashville's near the Vanderbilt University campus.


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