Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-09

From ABC News:
Marley Still Jammin' 25 Years Later
Still not responding to requests for interview

From ABC News:
Ga. Student Suspended for Threatening Song
Song sues, seeks damages

From ABC News:
Ga. Woman Collects Outhouses for Backyard
Tried to interest backyard in stamps or baseball cards to no avail

From ABC News:
Owners Get $1,300 in Dog's Python Death
John Cleese appeals verdict

From ABC News:
Ala. McDonald's to Display Reagan Bust
Nancy still in good shape after all these years

From ABC News:
Iowa City Fines People Who Feed Stray Cats
Brian Setzer calls city rules inhuman

From ABC News:
Status-Conscious Monkeys Shed Light on Celeb Obsession
People magazine subscribers respond to survey

From Fox News:
New York City Fires Man for Surfing Web at Work
NYC's Webmaster tries to explain, boss won't listen

From Fox News:
New Jersey Schools Get Radios For Faster Response to Crises
Next school shooting, teachers will immediately tune to Paul Harvey

From Fox News:
Gallaudet Univ. President-Elect Draws Fire
Adds clouds, smiley-face sun to picture

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