Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-16

From ABC News:
NASA and India Join Forces on Mission to the Moon
Outsourcing reaches new heights

From ABC News:
Britney Caught With Carseat Facing Wrong Way in Car
Contends was facing that way when baby conceived

From ABC News:
Teacher Regrets 'Who Would You Kill' Assignment
Was surprised when most students responded "YOU!"

From ABC News:
Pink Taco Restaurant Name Causes Stir
Was scheduled to locate just below Hooters*

From ABC News:
Iraq War Refugees Trapped in Limbo
Caribbean music won't stop playing, backs getting sore

From ABC News:
Palestinian gunmen kill senior Hamas member
Wanted to kill somebody but couldn't find a Jew

From ABC News:
Bush Presidency Floundering
Third term unlikely

From CNN:
Mummy may have been female warrior
Daddy was stay-at-home dad

From KGTV:
Lawyer sues baseball team over Mother's Day promo
Team offer to make up for controversy by holding "Dickhead Night"

From CNN:
Sen. Clinton apologizes to Chelsea
Senator: "I'm sorry you're going to look like me when you grow up"

From CNN:
Dolphins, like humans, recognize names
Spot the dog and Fluffy the cat also impressed by dolphins' ability


  1. The lawyer suing over the Mother's Day promo? Seems he's filed over other Mother's Day events, and he's taken bars to court for holding ladies' nights. Fellow lawyers say he needs to lighten up.

  2. Maybe he didn't have a mother!


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