Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Catfish Latino Night

Basil done gone and talked me into going to one of them Catfish games the other day. Now, I been to the Braves games up at Atlanta-Fulton County stadium before. Got hit int he head once during batting practice, but I don't remember much more about the game that night. I think they had fireworks or something.

Anywways, after reahding all about Basil talking about them Catfishes, I went to one of their games.

It was Latino night. Seems God didn't want them to hold Latino night. They tried it in Juyly. And it rained it out. Then they tried it in august. Rained agian. So they done it this past Sunday night. Yeah, it rained, but not for too long and not too bad.

There was a few folks there that night. Not a bunch, like Basil said there'd be. But some.

I was looking for me a pretty Mexican girl. Found a couple too, but they had boyfriends or something. One had a knife. Wait, that was Basil that had the knife. Never mind.

Anyway, thy had Mexicans running around all over the place. Don't know why they was there on Latino night. Should have been Mexican night.

But they had Mexcian foood and such they was selling. And mexican girls dancing in the stands. and little Mexican boys running up and down the steps.

I couldn't understand what all they was saying. Some was speaking Mexican. And if any Latinos was there, they was speaking Latin or sometihgn.

But they played music by Van Halen, which does fit Latino night since thy done a song called "panama" one time. So they kept the theme of the night going.

There was Mexicans on the ballclubs too. SOme of the Mexicans was from Pueorto Rico. Some Mexicans was from Venezuala. And a couple was from California.

I don't know if the Catfish won or lost that ngiht. You see, they hat some hot, smoking chicks at the game. And that made it all worthwhile.

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