Saturday, August 12, 2006

Catfish Take Game One

Go Catfish!Two unearned ... but really interesting ... runs by the Columbus Catfish in the second inning paved the way for their 5-4 win over the Greenville Drive (Red Sox) tonight in the first game of a scheduled doubleheader.

3B Eduardo Perez doubled to score SS Ivan De Jesus, who had singled, advanced to second on a passed ball, and moved to third on 2B Travis Denker's one-out single.

Greenville tied the game on a sacrifice fly in the second inning.

In the bottom of the second, with one out, RF Chris Jensen walked. LF Adam Godwin doubled, moving Jensen to third. Then came the play that scored two unearned runs for the Catfish.

Now, to be honest, I lost record of who was where, and am fillining in the names with the information from the official score. Anyway, here's what happened...

CF Bridger Hunt hit a bouncer to Greenville 2B Dominic Ramos who threw to C Mitch Stachowsky to prevent Jensen from scoring. Stachowsky chased Jensen back to third, where Godwin had advanced. Meanwhile, Hunt had safely reached first. As Jensen ran back to third, Godwin had to vacate back to second base, with Stachowsky now in persuit of him. He threw to 3B Tony Granadillo who had moved towards second ahead of Godwin. When Godwin then ran back towards third, Stachowsky had returned to home to cover his base. As Godwin approached third, Jensen headed to the plate. Granadillo threw to Stachowsky who missed the tag of Jensen, who had dropped to the ground. Jensen scrambled to his feet and headed to home, but Stachowsky threw to shortstop Christian Lara who was covering, and tagged Jensen for the out. Godwin moved to third and Hunt to second. As the ball was tossed back to P Ryan Phillips, it flew wide and rolled into center field. Godwin and Hunt scored on the error.

In the 4th, Greenvile tied the game on 1B Aaron Bates' 2-run homer.

In the 5th, the Catfish retook the lead when Travis Denker knocked in Adam Godwin on a sacrifice fly to left.

P Arismendy Castillo pitched 5-2/3 innings and took his 7th win. Ramon Troncoso pitched 1-1/3 perfect innings to pick up his 13th save.


  1. well i would have had a comment sooner..but i was at the game....waiting and waiting...and then after i waited, i waited a bit more....just to hear that was it for the, they had extra lights up? i know i wasnt on the field...but i thought it was lit up pretty nice.....even heckling while i was waiting was getting bored..sooo many people sat there...for nothing...hope ken the 'gm' plans on making it up to them and if to be honest, if i make it pass the gates tomorrow....i will be shocked...but who knows right, if ken doesnt see me from his nice lil comfy office, i just might make it on in there. :-D

  2. nice bro. well said


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