Monday, August 14, 2006

Headline News 2006-08-14

From ABC News:
'Mother of Satan' Is Weapon of Choice
Hillary deployed to Iraq

From ABC News:
Camper Who Died Refused Food, Cadets Say
Misunderstood the Cindy Sheehan diet

From ABC News:
Ex-SLA Member Feels Paranoid in Prison
Bunkmate says 'feels soft, tender'

From ABC News:
China Bans 'Simpsons' From Prime-Time TV
Cites low quality since Season Twelve

From ABC News:
Segway Launches 2 New Scooters
Company offers two more ways to look like a dork

From ABC News:
Undercover Kitten Meets Sudden, Ignoble End
James Bond mours passing of Pussy Galore

From ABC News:
Man Tries to Attack Cop With Tomahawk
Cop wasn't a Braves fan

From ABC News:
Colombia's Big-Butt Ants Entice Gourmets
Sir Mix-A-Lot opens restaurant

From ABC News:
Hezbollah Claims Victory Against Israel
Kansas City demands Super Bowl I trophy

From ABC News:
Sharon's Condition Deteriorates Further
Condition may soon be upgraded to 'dead'

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