Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Headline News 2006-08-22

From ABC News:
Ariz. Man Stung to Death by 'Killer' Bees
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
'Code Red' for National Parks
Lipstick, sports drinks confiscated from racoons and bears

From ABC News:
Al Qaeda in Drag
Osama's secret life revealed

From ABC News:
Ant Has Fastest Jaw in the World
Ralphie May comes in second

From ABC News:
Combat Hot Flashes During Menopause
Classified as WMDs

From ABC News:
Mothers Who Used Same Sperm Donor Meet
Man turned lights on too soon

From ABC News:
She's Her Own Twin
Patty Duke makes comeback

From ABC News:
'I Miss Your French Accent'
Wants to be taunted again

From Reuters:
Bad career choices: naked with a dead pig
Bill Clinton loses an intern

From Reuters:
Two starved to death in epic sea voyage
Gilligan, Skipper mourned

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